Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Objects In Peripheral View Are Closer...

...than they appear. Well, some days, at least. And days like this are those in which ms is just plain funny! Well, some days, at least.

And the funniest thing is...I don't know it's that kind of day until I head to the bedroom door, which is the magical gateway to the beginning of my day! How do I know it's that day? Easy. I bang into the door knob of the fully opened door.

Today's that day. I now have a fancy bruise on my right hip that matches the one I incurred several weeks ago...the one where I was at work, trying to schmooze the family who was touring our school? And I briskly got up from the desk to retrieve paperwork? And I wrecked myself on the desk? Yeah. That bruise is nearly gone, but never fear! A new one is now here.

Funniest moment of the day occurred while I was at the drugstore, getting a couple of prescriptions filled for my daughter. On my way out, I decided I'd use the furthest aisle to walk down. They're always roomiest, not many people shopping over there, should be good! No.

Had my purse on my right shoulder (which is always the side I can't judge) and ended up whacking several containers of make up that were hanging on the pegs. Make up all over the floor. I stopped and picked each one up...people looking at me all funny. Probably wondering, "wonder if she's drunk or high?"

After restocking the shelf I nearly emptied, I was trying to hurry my way out of the store. I was coming to a break in the aisle, which was to my left. I was walking at a high rate of speed, hoping no one would carelessly enter my path of travel when...EEEEK! Someone was suddenly right on top of me! I jumped and yelled! "ARGH!" Wait. There's no one there. Oh...it was just the sunglass display thing? Yeah, it had those mirrors on the sides, the ones that are about 3" wide and 3' tall? I had to take two steps back just to verify that the person I was so startled by was...me. At that point, I slowly turned around to see if anyone saw. Yeah, the few people who saw me clear the make up shelf. I'm pretty sure they went from wondering if I was drunk or high, to being fairly certain I was just plain high.

Sorry customers, you lose! The correct answer is C - a case of "objects in peripheral view are closer than they appear", and it's another fine symptoms brought to you by Multiple Sclerosis!

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