Saturday, May 7, 2016

Time Sure Flies...

Time flies, right?

Like...I remember my mother sitting across the hospital room from me, holding my daughter.  And she was all, "Before you know it, we'll be sitting at her high school graduation."

Thanks, mom.  Because this:

Selfishly speaking, I've had a great senior year.  Well.  It's technically her senior year.  But, you know what I'm saying ;)

I've thoroughly enjoyed watching how each of her teachers has helped her to grow this year.  The college visits have been SO much fun, primarily because my husband is such a fish out of water!  He did not have the opportunity to attend college, so his excitement at the novelty of it all was awfully cute!  He had the tendency to focus on the landscape, the number of electrical outlets in the dorm room, as well as the quality and selection of the free food in the cafeterias.  So he was all:

I did have the blessing of attending college.  Unfortunately, my college experience could be entitled "A Series of Unfortunate Events".  I did come away with some wonderful friendships, which I still hold dear today.  I also have a degree, which was the entire point!  But, due to the many negative experiences, I was very critical of the campuses we visited.  While my husband focused on the food in the cafeteria, I listened to the students.  While he sampled the pizza, I walked aimlessly through the aisles with the highest concentration of students, eavesdropping on their casual, unsuspecting musings.  Having to use the restroom no less than twice an hour afforded me the ability to overhear conversations taking place.  This helped me gain an overall understanding of the campus and whether or not it would - in any way - resemble the college I went to.  In one case, it was quite identical in appeal.  So we left.  Quickly.

(as quickly as I could go, which wasn't very)

Speaking of me, as if we kinda already weren't, MS has been quite argumentative over the past...oh I dunno...handful of months?  Quite.  Though with all of the senior year festivities, I haven't really had the time to worry or feel sad over it.  I guess that's why I can easily make the joke about this year being good for me as well.  Because come on!  It has been!

It goes without saying that we're incredibly proud of our baby girl.  We can't understand where the time has gone, only that it's been amazing year after year.  I continue to aspire to be like her when I grow up, though I don't imagine that happening anytime soon.  And her aspirations, you may wonder?  To cure autoimmune disease.

I introduce you to the next Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BCMB) major with a passion for autoimmune research:

This passion to cure autoimmune disease is not just for us, but also for herself.  She was diagnosed two years ago with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in the form of enthesitis, which seemed to set into her knees and hang there, predominantly.  Despite intense therapies, she was not able to continue her running career.  The condition has worsened since dx and has set in not-so-nicely within her back and hips.  The NSAIDs proved too harsh.  The other meds that were offered had side effects more frightening than the pain.  I'm in the process of researching the top doctors on this side of the country to see if there may be some form of new treatments available to help her.  I wouldn't mind the drive out to the Cleveland Clinic again, as I did for my second opinion.  I just don't want the doctor to say, "Oh you go to Dr. 'so-and-so'?  She was my mentor!"  Note to self:  Do not drive 7hrs to the student of the doctor you already have.  Anyway, that's my most recent focus.  Which is why I don't have time to worry about things like stabbing pains, fatigue, numb feet, walking into stuff, hand tremors, and where I may or may not have put my keys or parked my car.

I have this guy to keep track of the last two:

Well.  At least until he goes to college.  At that point?  I'll be in the parking lot holding my key in the air, pushing the red button until my car answers...

I'm so incredibly grateful for the blessing of my kids.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for them!  They have gone about their days, year after year, in humble service to this household.  They have seen the good, bad, and the definite ugly of MS.  This is their time to shine and step out into God's will.  It's exciting!  And maybe a little sad in a "where in the actual heck did the time go?" way.  But exciting wins!  Every time :)

Also every time?  The "serious selfies" that my daughter and I try and fail at.

Whew.  Almost got a little teary there...saved it!

Be well, friends!