Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 - A Year In Review

Hey...did you guys know that this year is almost over?

No, seriously.

I know, right?

I kept wondering why people on fb were summarizing 365 days into witty, paragraphical stati. And then I wrote today's date.  Proverbial 2x4?  Meet head.

Because I can't quite remember all of 2012 (thanks for that, ms+age+perimenopause...a trifecta that I unaffectionately refer to as "The Carousel of Hormonal Hell"), I cheated and reviewed prior blog posts.  Here's what I found:

In 2012...

My husband suffered the devastation of a cold. My eyes threw temper tantrums. My ear decided it didn't feel like hearing. Grocery shopping continued to be an athletic contest. I had regular visits from my ol' friends, anxiety and intermittent depression. I never know if ms is to blame, or if it's yet another byproduct of the Carousel. And speaking of...perimenopause stunk for the however-many-eth year in a row.  It seems as if 'waking-up-at-2am-to-find-my-heart-on-the-ceiling' has morphed into 'can't-find-my-keys-that-are-in-my-hand' and 'can't-find-my-sunglasses-that-are-on-my-head'.

Tell me, menopausal/ms-having friends.  Does this get better once I graduate perimenopause and move into all out menopause?  Come on.  Give me something to look forward to.  And tell me there's a little more glory in it for me than simply graduating from Always to Depends.

Meh. Either way...

Spousal colds, temperamental eyes and ears, and ol' friends aside, 2012 was a year of change:

- I lost a job.  BUT, I got a new one!
- I don't have the opportunity to serve students any longer (and I don't think I'll ever stop missing that). BUT, I do have the opportunity to serve in different ways!
- I didn't get to stay home this summer with my kids, turn 50 shades of tan, and walk every day.  BUT, I didn't have to go to the dermatologist AND I got to participate in the MS Challenge Walk!

It's all cause for humble reflection.

Though this crazy life and even more crazy disease throw changes my way, the Lord's promises remain the same. He makes all things work together for my good. Not just the preferable things.

All. Things.

Though I can't really find the good in perimenopause, but...maybe if we can help each other laugh at it?  Maybe THAT'S the good?  Rhetorical...

Wishing you all a most blessed 2013!