Friday, April 23, 2010

My Favorite MS Experiences

I don't know why, but I was sitting here enjoying my lunch break, thinking of some of my favorite experiences with MS.

3) Went to the Cleveland Clinic for a 2nd opinion. I'm not sure why I drove to Cleveland with my husband to have fancy neurologists look at MRI scans that even I could see lesions on in order to have them say, "yep, looks like holes, lady. Sucks to be you!", but I did! I remember standing at the pier with my husband and contemplating whether or not it had crossed his mind to throw me in. Obviously, if it had, he didn't act upon it.

2) Went to the University of Delaware for a whole different reason than I had circa 1990-1993:-) It was some sort of study they were doing. That's where they didn't know which one of us, my husband or I, had MS. And where the psychologist was convinced I wasn't accepting the fact that I had "a life-long, debilitating disease". Wow, that's deep. And when she persisted in trying to break me down, I had informed her that I would NOT cry over it. The tissues on the table should've warned me. Drama zone! No thanks. MS doesn't deserve my tears or anyone else's...move on to the next patient, girlfriend!

Back in 2006, I had the worst flare ever. I couldn't go more than a handful of steps without falling. Stupid legs quit on me. I needed a walking aide, but was too afraid/proud to get one. My kids didn't know, I didn't want to open myself up to all the questions, and most of all...I didn't want people to worry. So I took my prednisone like a good girl, stayed seated as much as humanly possible, and pretended everything was fine. Then I got shingles from being on pred, enter my good friend "Neurontin", some other pain relief narcotics, a brand new John Deere tractor, and you've got yourself a story!

1) Sky high, I decided that the grass needed cut. Mistook gas for brake, planted tractor nose squarely into car door. The Chevy Tahoe my husband loved as much as me. I know this, because when I called to tell him what I did, the conversation went like:

Me: "Hon, (insert laughter, because I couldn't stop cracking up) I just drove the tractor into the Tahoe."
Him: "OMG! How's the tractor!?!" - we just had it delivered a few days prior
Me: "it's totally fine, just has white paint all over the front of it"
Him: "How's the Tahoe!?!"
Me: "eh...I'm gonna be honest, it's not good" (still laughing)
Him: "HOLY $#%^! HOW BAD IS IT?"
Me: "I can't get the door open. It's bad. But thanks for askin' about me, hon"
Me: "yeah, true. I didn't feel a thing! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!"

Come on, that's just funny. I didn't care much for that car anyway. Friends shouldn't let friends mow on Neurontin. Just sayin'.

I'm seriously hoping not to top those...

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