Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Official...

...it's a "significant" flare. As opposed to minimal flares, regular flares, and pseudoexacerbations. It leaves me to wonder...is this like when you Biggie size your fries?

The blessing is that it began Saturday and, in my typical fashion, it started off very slow. I'm into Day 4 and this is the worst thusfar. Here's to hoping tomorrow is a little better, and the next day, and so on. I'm too busy for this. Way. Too. Busy.

If I move my eyes even slightly from center to the left, it's like riding the Zodiac (aka fast spinnie thing). And, if I look far ahead and try to focus on an object, well...that sucks too. Yes, I said sucks and I meant it. "Sucks" was a swear word when I was a child, so I'm getting in touch with my inner bad girl right there. I'm like the woman in those Carrabba's commercials..."big ball of hate right now". I am the BBOH, because I'm not only spinning, but also have a headache from it and feel nauseous. The blessing is that my sight is clear, and what a blessing that is. I've been there and done that...where I've completely lost half of my field of vision in one eye, lost color in the bottom half, had giant black spots, saw squigglies, etc. I get really, really annoyed when my eyes come under fire. Biggie sized annoyed.

Yesterday, I had to leave work early because of this. I was completely out of dog and cat food, as well as people food. That meant I had to stop at the grocery store to grab a handful of things so that my family could keep running seamlessly during my time on injured reserve. Since I couldn't look to the left, at least not without nearly falling, I shopped the right sides of each aisle. Thankfully, most of what we needed was on the right. It was a thing of beauty! Toilet paper was on the left, but come on...there's no WAY I'm leaving something as critical as that behind. Heck, I'd crawl down the aisle for toilet paper!

I also felt something else yesterday that I've not felt in years...sorry for myself! What's that about? Woman! Get ahold of yourself! That's one emotion I can't even comprehend, much less allow myself to feel for any length of time. It's like sauerkraut soup, something which is beyond all understanding. And, like sauerkraut soup, I will politely refuse it. Sorry, self-pity. No soup for you...

So yeah, that's it in a nutshell. My choices at this point are a course of steroids...or a course of steroids. Hmm. Last time I took those, I came down with shingles, took handfuls of Neurontin for pain, and thought mowing the grass was a great idea. It wasn't. I do have a 3rd choice. I can wait it out. I'm in my husband's old sweats and I have the rest of the day off (because I have perhaps THE best boss ever). Time to get a Biggie sized nap in. You never know...I just might wake up with the ability to look to the left!

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