Saturday, September 3, 2011

Insurance Black Widow

Health insurance.  As much as I complain about the high cost of our family's premiums is as thankful as I am to have it.  It's the 2nd highest bill we have in our household.  I'm positive I'm not alone in that fact, that many folks rank it #2, even #1 in monthly expenses.  But I'm thankful to have it.  (though when I break it down, we're paying out $9,724 in premiums and the ins co pays out maybe $500 or so in claims, and that's if we all go to the doctor like we're supposed to...which we don't, because our copays are high.  But I'm thankful to have it.  If I keep saying it, I'll be reminded of the blessing and not the cost.  Maybe.) 

I have some knowledge of "the business" from my previous job and understand how premiums are quoted around here.  Most quote on overall health of the group, but one quotes primarily based on overall age of the group.  Guess which one we've always ended up with, no matter what our employers initially had?  Yep.

I'm the "black widow" of group health insurance.  Ever since I was branded with that 340 dx code 8yrs ago, I've had to switch plans/ins co's more often than I can count.  And so have the employers under which I was insured.  When an ins co sees "340", they have to calculate.  Even though I'm not receiving care at this time, they calculate as if I will.  Ugh.  Even they play the What If Game.  I so hate that game.

Sorry, employers.  When you let me into your treehouse, you need to come to grips with the fact that your white ins cards with the black trim, or the red/white/blue trim, or your aqua card w/black trim...are eventually getting switched to the white card with royal blue logo at the top.  It's great stuff and all, some of the best the industry offers!  But change is uncomfortable.  And for that, I am sorry. 

Can you tell I have a bit of a complex?

Health insurance...what's in your wallet?  Here's mine.

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