Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Open Letter To My Husband...

...or "about" my husband.  Whichever.  On account of how I seem to forget to make a deliberate point of telling him how much I appreciate him, and exactly why I appreciate him.  It seems to get lost in between the, "I forgot the milk at the store, can you grab that on your way home tonight?" and the, "I fell asleep and didn't get anything in the oven for dinner, hope you're not hungry!"  After working 14-16 hours, I'm sure he's not at all hungry.  So without further adieu...

  • He is my husband, my friend, their father, our spiritual head of household, and our family provider.  
  • He has proven that his silence and overly calm demeanor are virtuous, rather than simply a state of catatonia (as I always thought them to be, even going so far as to check his pulse).
  • He follows me around the house and tries to take my laundry baskets out of my hands.  When I say, "what are you doing!?!  You're in my way!", what I mean to say is, "thanks."
  • He races me to the doors in attempts to open them for me so I don't have to.  When I say, "what are you doing!?! You're in my way!", what I mean to say is, "thanks." ;-)
  • He is my sounding board when I've had enough, no matter what I've had enough of.  Even if it's his dirty clothes thrown next to the basket, not in the basket.  When I say, "the next dirty sock I find next to the basket goes on your pillow", wait...I have actually done that.  (Love ya, Honey!)
  • He is the voice of reason when the weight of our financial woes pushes me down into the ground, face first.
  • He says things like, "we can get through this", "we need to keep fighting", "God will provide", and "we are stronger because of this".  And I need to hear those things sometimes. 

He means "this" in a financial sense.  But I think of it on a more grand scale.  "This" to me means chronic illness and living life with it and through it, as well as all the other challenges thrown our way over the years, especially those very close to "home".  He's right.  We are stronger for each and every one of those trials.  I remember the things I used to pray for years ago.  But God didn't give me what I asked for, because He had something better.  Much better.

We truly are stronger because of this.  All of "this":-)

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