Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MS = Daily Excitement!

The Nat'l MS Society is doing that "MS =" thing, where you're supposed to write what MS "equals" to you.  Mmmkay...I'll play. 

A list of some of my personal favorites. 

MS =

  • an intimate knowledge and inappropriate appreciation of public restrooms
  • a desensitized right side from banging into tables/doorknobs/chairs
  • being on a first name basis with my auto body shop guy
  • shooting myself in the eye with hairspray on a consistent basis (stupid hand tremors)
  • scuffs on the toes of all my shoes 
  • no need for oven mits due to inability to feel heat in my hands...though I don't suggest trying it
  • striking fear in the hearts of my family members when I crest the top of the staircase with an overloaded basket of laundry
  • gaining a true understanding of how Porky Pig must have felt while attempting to communicate...sorry I laughed at you 30yrs ago, Porky.  It's true what they say about karma.
  • grocery shopping with the little cart - EVERY time!
  • knowing which pantyliners are best
  • being accused of public intoxication when all I've had was coffee
  • having the super powers of electricity and vibration at the touch of a finger

Have I forgotten anything?  Of course I have!  I have MS ;-)

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