Friday, March 18, 2011

A Balloon Car - Dedicated To Me

A couple of my students had to fabricate a "balloon car" for their science project.  Uh huh. You read it right. Now for the math lesson:

balloon + cardboard + straws + round things for wheels = COOLNESS!

Because I love to joke around with my students, I said I thought it would be a great idea to name it after me.  They also thought it a good idea, because my last name is fun to play around with.  It starts with "Mac".  The possibilities are endless!

You know how you choose not to name your child or even your pet a certain name, because you knew someone by that same name and they grated on your last nerve?  As if the name has some control over personality traits and characteristics.  Is it just me who does this?  Discuss...

I'm here to tell those of you who doubt, it's true.  And it also applies to inanimate objects. 

I was invited to be a judge in the balloon car contest.  My students met me at the door, excited to show me their finished product!  I saw multiple "Mac" catch phrases all about the car and I was touched!  But when they said, "see, Mrs. Mac?  We named it after you.  Whaddya think!?!"...I was humbled.  And when they took their place at the starting line, crouched down, and prepared to let the "Mac Attack" fly toward its required 5 meter mark, they smiled in nervous anticipation.  Would it make it?  Would the construction remain in tact?  Would the balloon hold up for the 3 passes it needed to make?  It was a 50 point assignment, afterall.  A lot was riding on the line!

Away Mac Attack went...limping on slightly bent water bottle caps it had for wheels, pulling slightly to the right, slowly and steadily making its way across the gym floor.  I couldn't help but share in their anticipation as it neared the 5 meter mark, as it was slowing...slowing... 

It crossed!!!  They passed!

But it didn't stop.  It kept going...and going...slooooowly, steadily, limping along.   I couldn't help but see myself in that moment. Limping along. Leaning to the right. Slowly, steadily moving forward, not giving up!  I began to walk behind my namesake, yelling and cheering for it!  It creeped along and I could hear the slight sound of its "ta dum, ta dum, ta dum"...until it finally came to rest against the bleachers. 

When the car came to rest, it was met with great cheers!  "You did it!", I yelled to my students!  They looked at me with such joy and excitement, fist pumps abound!  Truly a priceless moment, seeing kids so engaged in their schoolwork, having fun with it, making it their own!  I give thanks to God on a daily basis for my job.  I am richly blessed:-)

Great work, kids!  I couldn't be more proud of you for your hard work and determination!  But next time, you may want to name it something like "John Force" or "Don Garlits" - not after some lady with ms.  But I have to say..."Kung Fu Mac"?  Never before done.  Innovative.  Inspiring.  Sheer brilliance.  Just like you:-) 


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Darrell said...

That is awesome! Congrats on having a car named after you, I would totally buy one of those.