Saturday, February 26, 2011

Me vs Just Dance 2...

I failed miserably at cutting back on the caffeine and sugar this week.  I did have some moments of victory, but it's been a pretty rough week.  There was no "falling off the wagon", I was pushed, plain and simple.  You know how it plays out...I did one of those, "I'll get focused on it Friday.  (Friday comes and goes)  I'll start Saturday, I won't make a pot of coffee.  (today comes and I make 10 cups and drink half the pot, one cupful after the next)".  So I'll try  Monday.  Yeah.  Monday.

Being that I had 5 cups of coffee in about 30 minutes' time, I had an overabundance of raw energy.  I swirled around the yard, a la Tasmanian Devil, dragging all of the wind blown tree limbs and branches into the woods.  I then attacked the kitchen, making a meal for tomorrow's church fellowship.  'Load of laundry' here, 'shake some Comet around the bathroom and scrub' there...and the game beckoned. 

Today's choice?  Baby Girl - Reggaeton.

Beat my all-time high score on the first try!  Try again, Just Dance 2! 

That head swirl?  I do a lesser version of that without music  :::thank you, ms:::!  I couldn't help but yell out, "UH OOOOOOOH!  NO THEY DIDN'T!" when I got to about :43 in this video, which drew my kids downstairs in curiosity.  Even this old, stiff, hole-filled gal busted out a "PERFECT!" on said move, first time through!  That cracked my kids up and they began to cheer, "GO MOMMY!"...with hands in the air... 

I was losing feeling in my feet and my vision was slightly blurry by the end, but with that high of a score?  Feeling and visual clarity were unimportant!  But I'll tell you...once I cool down a bit, I'm trying again.  Shooting for the 9000's this time!  Hope my husband doesn't walk in from work during my attempt.  He might walk right back out...

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