Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keep It Down!

While I wasn't worried about what ms would throw my way today, the official Day 2 of new flare, I'd be fibbing if I were to say I wasn't just a bit curious. 

I awoke around 5am, performed full ms inventory, and found all systems functioning at nearly 90%.  Just some minor shaking on the right side.  Hmm.  I wondered if ms had decided to take it easy on me today...or if it was hiding behind a piece of furniture, covering it's face, giggling.  Come out come out wherever you are, ms! 

I started a pot of coffee and comfortably situated myself at Headquarters.  Headquarters is my computer desk, complete with stack of unopened bills and at least one cat awaiting my arrival.  Great battles are fought at Headquarters, particularly on Friday mornings (pay day).  The house was dark and quiet.  Still no sign of ms.

My husband awoke and crashed down the stairs.  He flicked on the lights, which made me feel like I was on the 50yd line in a stadium.  He yelled, "GOOD MORNING, HONEY!", poured himself a bowl of extremely crunchy cereal and splashed what sounded like a waterfall of milk over it.  Every bite he took went through my left ear like a wood splitter.  I shot him a look and he was all, "what?"  I responded with, "REALLY???"  He looked back, completely confused.  Ooooooh now I get it.  Extreme noise sensitivity.  My husband hadn't crashed down the stairs, or chose rocks for breakfast, or poured milk into his bowl from the top of the roof afterall.  I woke up bionic.  MS seemingly appeared from behind the sofa..."SURPRISE!"

MS, you spoil me.

I've been more sensitive to noise post diagnosis than pre.  For example, the gym teacher at school has a WHISTLE.  It is fully capitalized, because it is that loud.  Listen, I've played sports at all levels, from childhood to school to college, and never heard a whistle of similar frequency.  I've often wondered if it's custom made.  Because as I'm making my way through the gym area to my classroom and it sounds off?  My legs will actually buckle.  And my mood?  Well, suffice to say it makes me want to rip a cinder block right out of the wall with my bare hands and smash said WHISTLE with it.  So yeah.  Noises.  Not typically every noise, just those with certain frequencies.

Today, it's nearly every noise.  And today, there's an unhealthy serving of nerve pain across that ear, reaching down into my face.  And today, when a shrill noise occurred with repetition (like my husband's two-way work phone?  Chirping and bleeping?), it actually created a sensation of nausea within me.

On this snow day, my beloved husband is off to a neighboring state for work.  I cannot hear him chewing, stomping, or chirping 4 hours away.  My children are listening to peaceful, Christian music as they play their favorite video game.  All of the dogs are sleeping.  And I'm heading back to bed.  Best thing I've found to combat sensory overload flare?  A bunched up blanket, pushed up against sensitive ear.  And sleep.  Lots of sleep.  So this is me...dragging my fleece blanket behind me like Linus, retreating to the land of quiet, hoping that ms quickly tires of its latest trickery. 

That's right, Linus...cover the left ear, sweetie...I understand.

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