Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Studies Make Me Smile :-)

I found this one posted today:

Warmer Weather Hampers Thinking Skills in People with MS

40 people with MS and 40 people without MS were given tests that measured learning, memory, and the speed at which they processed information. Those people with MS also underwent brain scans. The daily temperature on the days the tests were taken was also recorded.

The study found that people with MS scored 70 percent better on thinking tests during cooler days compared to warmer days of the year. There was no link between thinking test scores and temperature for those without MS. 

FOUL!  I'm calling a foul here... 

Clearly, these folks were unable to escape the room in order to make a Dunkin' run for a vanilla bean/coffee swirl coolatta or caramel iced latte with sugar and whipped cream.  Because had they been able to, they would've eclipsed those "sans ms" folks.  And that is so not fair.  In fact, I find it inhumane!  Of course we won't perform well if you restrict us from employing our coping strategies!  What if I asked the researchers to write their findings, but I didn't allow them the use of a pen?  Or paper?  Same thing.  Take away our body temperature modifiers and we're...:::yawn, is it hot in here?:::we're...(one 'missippi', two 'missippi') wait...what was I saying? 

I believe the researchers were afraid of the ms'ers.  Because they would have had to include the following statement:  "After a trip to Dunkin' Donuts and consumption of assorted iced sugary caffeinated beverages, an uncanny trend became apparent.  The participants with ms outscored those without ms by upwards of 80 percent.  I don't know about you, but when I'm chilled out at my desk with an iced Dunkin' delicacy?  I'm like Watson on Jeopardy.  Maybe just a tad faster. 

I'm sorry, researchers...but who was the biller the clinic provided a dual monitor system to, because her computer wasn't working as quickly as she could?  You're lookin' at her!  Whose trash can was overflowing nightly with empty plastic cups of iced lattes, frappes, coffees, and coolattas?  Guilty as charged.  Watson, baby.  Watson...

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