Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"They're" Rushing Me...

Am I right that the stores began advertising for Christmas sales somewhere around Halloween?  And now that we're at the end of November, I just heard a couple of folks starting up with talk of 2011?

Forgive me, but...whaaaaaat?  How about this.  How about "they" try to see things through my unfocused eyes for a different perspective...

Clearly, "they" don't look at their children and wonder where the years have gone.  I mean, didn't I just give birth to them?  Or is it just that I look like I did...because the baby fat never disappeared.  And now they're suddenly in middle school?  And "they" didn't just celebrate a 20th reunion, which was yet another reminder of just how quickly time goes by.  I'm pretty sure "they" haven't spent hours, days, weekends, weeks, and months by the bedside of a dearly loved grandmother...one who was incredibly vibrant just...wait, wasn't that just yesterday?  Sure seems like it.

Maybe I'm not wanting time to pass me by, because I begin each day with a physical inventory of current ms symptoms in order to know what sort of day it's going to be.  Or because I occasionally hear the depressing prognoses of several neurologists playing in my head.  Let's just say I've learned not to rush things. 

I love sunrise.  I don't love that I'm awake for it, but I do enjoy the beauty of it.  I get that flashback of "senior week" at the beach, the peace of that exact moment, the comfort of being in the company of a dear friend.  Makes me feel young again.  I find the moon and stars fascinating.  I love the changing leaves.  I love blue skies, cloudy skies, and everything in between.  I love watching the woodpeckers that come to feed at the woodpecker smorgasbord my husband crafted out back...just for me:-)  I love the sound of my kids' laughter.  I love the way my dogs run to and jump at me when I walk in as an expression of their unconditional love.  My husband no longer runs to and jumps at me.  My novelty has clearly worn off after 17 years of togetherness.  (lol!)  But sometimes we do throw pillows at one another, or balled up socks...and I love that, too.

I'm trying to enjoy today for what it is, because tomorrow comes soon enough, especially when you're an insomniac.  Tomorrow is its own hot mess!  A new day to try to get my hair just right (not happenin'), a new day to find my keys (that are in my hand) and a new day to sit on the sunglasses I forgot to put in the proper place in my car.  Poor little things...they never stood a chance, nor saw it coming.  Size matters.

Holiday milestones will be here soon enough.  Until then, my advice is to be blessed by today, check your left hand for your keys, and consider the safety of your sunglasses when you carelessly toss them on your seat.  Anything less and you're missing out;-)

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