Sunday, November 7, 2010

Taking MS Out For A Hike

A two mile hike.  Great time?  Yes.  Great friends to hike with?  You betcha.  Great idea?  Nope.  Why not?  Because there are no sidewalks or roads on a trail in the woods. 

The leaves had completely covered the hiding rocks and tree branches along the trail.  And the first half was all downhill.  Downhill + stealth rocks and branches = head bent downward to keep eyes on feet the entire time.  Head bent downward entire time = dizziness + leg fatigue.

But I got to see this!

Wait!  That's the bathroom.  I meant to say...I got to see THIS!

...and THIS!

...and THIS!'s a tree root growing out from in between two large rocks.  It reminds me of Poltergeist.  I was a little afraid.  All I could imagine was it attacking my face.

Toward the end of the trail, my legs began to feel as if they weighed about 350lbs.  Each.  By the time I got home, I had tinglies and fuzzies and electrical currents running down both legs.  Within the hour, my feet turned into blocks of ice.  Keep in mind, as you view this picture, that I'm only a size 8.  But with two pairs of my husband's work socks...a non-matching pair, because I took them from the box of lone survivor socks...I look more like a size 13.

I don't know what song you think of when you see this shot, but all I hear is...

I'm bringin' sexy back!  Yeah!  In fact, I warned my husband that he may not want to look for too long, because I can't be responsible for the after effects.  Multiple pairs of mismatched socks could very well be the hot new item at Victoria's Secret.  Allow me to let you in on the secret.  My feet are still cold.

It's as if I've stood at an outdoor hockey rink for 4 hours sans coffee.  I can't feel my toes or tops of my feet.  And I'm really, really tired.  However, this feeling, and lack thereof, is quite a hindrance to restful sleep.  But you know what?

I'd do it all over again.  Being out in the woods under the blue sky, puffy clouds, and changing leaves reminded me of when I was a little girl, out on "hunting" trips with my father.  He'd dress me up in bright orange, so as to not be mistaken for a small deer, and take me out in the woods to watch the animals.  He showed me how groundhogs would stand upright if you whistled to them.  They instantly became my favorite wild animal and still hold that title:-)  We never actually hunted, because he knew I would have wrestled his rifle away from him in protection of the animals. 

The retro trip was wonderful, but the friends I was out on the trail with were amazing.  Just like my days of standing at outdoor ice hockey rinks for hours, feet frozen numb...the experience was well worth the physical discomfort. 

Time with friends is priceless.  Being able to even complete such a hike is a tremendous blessing.  And being out in God's beautiful creation is beyond words.  All except for that freak tree root pictured above.  I'm pretty sure that wasn't of God.

Thank you, Lord, for this good day...

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