Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Cleaned!!!

I really, really did! 

I woke up at 7am on Day 1 of my Thanksgiving Break (capitalized, because it deserves respect) with the strong desire to...clean?  When this happens (once or twice a year) I have to be very careful to make sure it's legit.  Because if I get all the supplies out and it's not? 

After my 3rd cup of coffee, there was nothing I could do to stop myself.  I wiped the stove top.  Then, I sprayed bleach spray in the stained sink.  I watched as it morphed to...stainless!  Cool trick, Clorox!  I became even more motivated!  I attacked the counter...the face of the dishwasher...and microwave...stove...refrigerator door...and dusted the tv stand...and washed the picture window...and before I could think twice, I had the mop in my hand!  Someone call 9-1-1!

I excitedly pushed and pulled the mop with true glee, watching the kitchen floor come alive!  Adhering to my true nature, I became over-confident.  I drizzled oil soap all over the hardwood floor...and just like that, it went away.  The energy, that is.  Stupid pushing and pulling!  Get's me EVERY time!  Every time.

I felt as if the room enlarged 5x its usual size as I looked out across the floor.  I stood there, steadying myself with the mop handle, resting chin on top of hands.  My head and neck tremor gave a slight shiver.  The room spun slightly.  My daughter asked if she could finish for me, but I declined.  It resembled an athletic event at that point, and I would not throw in the...mop.

I put on some old skool funk and disco tunes, because how could I not move to those, right?  And if my head/neck tremors kicked in, maybe it would look like I meant to do it.  Like magic, the music helped me to finish my floor!  And my daughter informed me that she was proud of me:-)  If there's anything I want my kids to learn from my life, it's perseverance.  Hopefully, they'll get that part and not the "my mother barely cooked and cleaned, but she twitched and went to the bathroom a lot" part. 

Anyway, how's my floor look?  Like someone with ms mopped it, that's how.  But you know what?  It's done!  That's what's up, ms!

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