Saturday, July 21, 2012

When Music Helps Me...Forget :-)

I've been listening to Christian music, primarily, for about 11yrs now.  Our local station is called Word FM, and let me just share a little bit about what the simplest choice in radio station/music has done:
  • When I felt as if life was caving in, it uplifted me.  
  • When I was stuck in my very lowest depression with ms, it comforted me.
  • When I was told that my son was worsening in his therapies and that I would need to spend thousands of dollars for yet another evaluation, which we didn't have, I heard DJ Timmy D's testimony about a place called The Family Hope Center.

That list continues, because let's face continues.  And, like those 'Top 40 Countdown's used to say, "the hits just keep on coming!"  Thankfully, scripture has the last word on that.  

My favorite artist has always been Kari Jobe.  Without fail, in some very significantly scary moments, one of her songs has always just sorta...been on.  Moments of frightening health, moments of struggling relationships, moments of unstable employment, moments of downright financial collapse.  There is something about her songs, those lyrics, which breaks through the madness, gently grabs hold of my shoulders and says, "it's okay, God is going to work this out".  Though my mind is running at 200mph, though my heart is escaping my body in search of the ceiling, though my vision may be blurry - the message is clear.  The Lord is in control.

Get this.  We were blessed with tickets to see Kari Jobe.  In person.  But that's not all.  These tickets were 'Reserved', which meant we were able to meet her after the show.  

...I know, right???

My daughter and I became incredibly nervous as we approached.  For my daughter, she was about to meet this amazing singer that she's listened to over and over again for years.  And for me?  I was going to say hello to a sister in Christ with an amazing talent.  Someone the Lord has used on many occasions to speak to my heart through her gift of song.  

Instead of all of that meaningful speech?  I got up there?  And laughed.  

Thanks so much for your cameo, pseudobulbar appearance, ms.  And, because babbling and misplaced laughter are just a few of my favorite, invisible symptoms...I'm sure I looked slightly, if not completely, insane.  All I could say to her was, "I'm really sorry.  We're just a little starstruck.  Sorry.  So sorry."

:::all while giggling:::

Dear Ms. Jobe:

If I had it to do all over again, I'd explain that your gift has ministered to me so beautifully.  That I am grateful for the way in which my daughter looks to you as an example of a woman strong in faith who blesses others through her talent.  That perhaps the thing I enjoy most about you is your humility and the way you point it all back to the Lord, because it truly is all about Him.  Oh.  And that your music helps me remember - when fear weighs on me like a lead blanket - that my God is much bigger than my problems.  Also, I totally can't hit that high note you do in "One Desire".  Okay, so maybe I can't hit any of the notes, but I do love trying!  I should also share that - for those few hours of singing - I totally forgot I had ms.  Thank you for helping me forget. Really :-)


Crazy-Laughing-Woman with the amazing daughter

Because I was afraid that ms might make a cameo at the worst time ever, I did add a little something to a note my daughter had written to her.  We left it on her table.  Maybe she'll read it and see that I'm actually pretty normal.  Or as normal as someone with holes in their head could be?

I don't even care how bad I look in this picture. By this point, I had slept about 5hrs, worked a full day, got rained on...twice, cried through the first 5 songs or so, and could barely stand without leaning on someone or something.  But I'm with my baby girl...and Kari Jobe!  I = happiest old lady ever :-)

One last thing...thank you for this song:

Oh...and this one, too: get the point...


Ruth said...

So inspiring to read...God bless you. I'm also one of those people who listen to Kari Jobe on daily basis for like 3 years now... I was googling for the subject on Kari's preaching at Petra because someone mentioned about her opening up to her struggles this year and I really wanted to know what the struggles are and so here I am, finding your blog and enjoy reading it. I FEEL your excitement and am so happy for you.
God bless.

Tina said...

It's so kind of you to write, Ruth!

I'm not sure if you were able to find anything about what she said, but she spoke a great deal about offense and how offense is such a block in our relationship with the Lord. The statement she made that stuck with me was, "if we're can we worship?" She shared that there have been times in which she's wanted things to come together a certain way and they didn't, but that she could look back at each of those situations and see that these were not things the Lord would have for her.

There is so much power in our testimonies and our sharing. I've often thought about how I might share what the Lord has done and is doing in my life. Eh, maybe another blog. Who knows, it might bless just one person and make it all worth it!

Thank you for blessing me with your comment! May God bless you!