Sunday, July 22, 2012

MS Challenge Walk - The Training Chronicles - Episode 5.0

I've been training for the MS Challenge Walk for awhile now, and I have decided to journal my adventures.  Hang in should be fun ;-)

Today, I decided I wanted to try a little music with my training walk.  I was thinking it might push me the extra mile(s) I wanted to walk...kinda like how it causes my right foot to push the gas pedal further to the floor?

"Do you know why I pulled you over, ma'am?"

...absolutely, Officer.

In any case, I asked my daughter if I could borrow her 'iWhatever'. After a 20 minute tutorial on how to press about 3 buttons (on, fast fwd, and '+'), I began my walk.

Within approximately 1/4 mile, I got tangled up in the stupid wires, had ear thingies flying out of my ears, and dropped it on the ground.  Twice.  I needed to get creative. So...

I made myself an 'iHat'!  Not bad for an old lady, right?

It came to my attention that I was enjoying my iHat a bit too loudly, as I frightened this poor doe, who ran for the hills when I approached.  Sorry about the noise, girlfriend!  

The iHat and ample hydration resulted in a total of 3.8miles before my legs decided to morph into concrete.  Meh.  I thought maybe that was simply my limit.

Until Beyonce came on iHat.  (nice music selection, daughter-of-mine!)

All I could visualize was her live performance - the one with the head snaps that resemble what I think I look like when I have a neck tremor? Wicked dance from a chair?  Rockin' girl band? Here. Maybe this will help paint the visual:

I was infused with power and it became my theme music! I was climbing hills, audibly singing, matching my steps to the beat of the drum, causing at least 2 neighbors and countless wild animals to stare in disbelief!  I continuously pushed on iHat to replay the song over and over, until I arrived back home.  Where I collapsed into my chair.

5 miles.

I haven't walked 5 miles since I was athletic and in my early 20s.  Clearly, I am neither of those things - but I had theme music ;-)

Thanks for helping this old girl out, B!  If your people want to call my people about sponsorship for this big walk, it's totally cool with me...

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