Saturday, November 12, 2011

When MS Is Near The Bottom of My Worry List...

If life was "fair", the folks at Corporate would take a look at my file and say, "you know, ms is certainly a challenging thing to deal with on a daily basis.  Let's avoid giving her anything else."  Alas, this life is anything but.

I typically don't provide my husband with a play-by-play of the goings on within our checkbook, which is suffering from perhaps its worst case of finance-orexia to date.  I keep these stresses close to the vest for no other reason than the fact that he is working as many jobs and hours as possible.  But you know how that goes.  He ends up unknowingly stepping foot into my inner bear trap with a simple statement like, "my workboots are coming apart".  Something like that throws me straight over the edge.  It becomes the single worst financial catastrophe known to man.  Does he seriously expect his entire foot to be covered in a boot?  Diva material right there.  Or, like this morning, "I really need that part for my truck.  It's wanting to shut off."  Right there with ya, busted up Chevy truck. 

I'm considering crafting a 'coffee table book' out of all the collections letters on my desk.  I mean, come on...there are light blues, hot pinks, and even an orange.  Slightly tacky, don't you think?  As if I'll choose whom to pay by the color of their threat.  Although, this orange is actually pretty impressive;-)  At least the mortgage company doesn't insult my intelligence in such a fashion.  Their letters are classic white, corporate letterhead, hand signed, and delivered via courier service.  Clearly, someone has taste.

Alas, ms shows its face in this increasingly intense trial.  I need to get a part-time job, but when I'm already putting in 40hrs/wk and dragging myself through what is commonly known as "Friday", it seems a bit daunting.  And it goes without saying that we ms'ers know how we are NOT to become stressed out.  Am I the only person who recites, "I'm not gettin' stressed out over this" over and over in my mind?

I know that God has a plan.  He promises to carry us through every trial and I've seen it time and time again.  It's not hard to count my blessings, because there are so many.  I fought with myself as to whether or not I should write all of this, but I thought if there was at least one fellow ms'er out there going through the same thing, they could be blessed by it in some way. 

If that's the case, let's join together in keeping an ear to the sky, and trying to be patient enough to allow God to work this out for His good;-)  And if you have additional ideas for how I might decorate with these pretty letters, let me know! 

Be well!


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like your attitude...MS does get stressful but God is in control. I remember pushing my way through...and still do push through chores. It has gotten easier with me except for the ache of age:)
My recent post was about seeing our blessings

Tina said...


I've only read a handful of posts and am blessed already :-) Looking forward to reading more!

God bless you!