Friday, November 25, 2011

This Crazy Mixed Up Place

I'm currently having an allergic reaction to this crazy, mixed up place we live in.

Is it me, or are people becoming more self-constipated?  Yes, "full of self".  Twisting things that are so *not* about them into something  Missing the point of something beautiful, because they've somehow made it about themselves?   

And, on a different level, the inconsideration.  My grandmother recently regained the ability to walk (with a walker).  Her pace is best compared to a snail's, which is truly saying something since we were making funeral arrangements less than a year ago.  The other day, a man decided to take .5 seconds out of his day to hold a door open for her, despite my telling him not to worry about it.  Then, after seeing how long it was taking her to approach the door, sighed and said, "don't hurry".

(oh temper temper)  

Black Friday?  Fahgettaboudit.  I think I've finally found the blessing in having absolutely no money over and above paying for bills and groceries;-)  My thoughts are not plagued by the elusive item that's on sale and whether or not I'll return home bruised after obtaining it.  Instead?  I'm concerned with whether or not I'll be able to continue working this 2nd job.  Praying for the energy to keep on with it.  Praying for mental clarity, which is waxing and waning right now.  Praying for the Lord to continue to provide, and part of that provision I'm praying for is that He remove the short-circuitry that is currently blipping and bleeping around in my brain.  MS has thrown me a cognitive flare for good measure, just when I'm near the end of my training and about to fly solo.  Can't very well work for an answering service, where I'm expected to answer 2-3 calls per minute - yes, per minute - and speak like Porky Pig.  Shame I can't just pick up and say, "HEY!  'SUP?"  That would save me time (and face) on the talking end.  There aren't enough dark berries on the shelves to quiet this one, friends.  I'm fresh out.

...and even all of that is self-constipated.  Because there are so many people who would love to trade places with me.

Just as I was about to type a closing sentence, "Overcome" started playing on my pandora.  I think that's the best conclusion to what may be my most disjointed blog post ever.  There's a verse that goes, "You're sending us out, light in this broken land".  Thank you, cleverly timed pandora song, for reminding me that it's time to get my light on.  Which is not at all like the Kmart blue light special.  Not at all.

Look out, Black Friday maniacs.  Here I come and I'm on a mission for produce!  Don't want to have to take somebody down over a container of blueberries!

(you're a light in the land, Tina...light in the the light...:-)

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