Friday, November 18, 2011

To Tell or Not To Tell...

I had an interview for a part-time job, yesterday.  (the power of prayer is mighty...thank you, prayer warriors!)

No problem.  I can 'sell' myself fairly easily.  Handshake, eye contact, cheery face, show off the multi-thousand dollar smile (the power of orthodontics and false teeth is mighty...thank you, Mom and Dad, and Care Credit!), speak intelligibly, throw a joke in for good measure, and I'm usually walking out with the job.

That's exactly how it went yesterday.  I walked to my car in a state of bliss, thanking the Lord for His provisions, and attempting to mentally calculate how soon we could be out of the pangs of finance-orexia!  (it'll be awhile, but it's a step in the right direction!)  Then, I heard that little voice yell out, "WAIT!  You forgot about you-know-what!"   HOW did I forget to tell her about you-know-who?

To tell or not to tell, that's never been my question.  Because I've always told.  Has it worked out negatively? You betcha.  But in those situations?  I figured those just weren't the paths God wanted me on.  As much as it's hurt my pride, my feelings, and even my checkbook...He has always had something better for me.  And you know what they say about pride.  It comes before the fall.  So does foot drop.  I'm just sayin'.

me:  "I was having so much fun yesterday that I forgot to tell you something"
her:  "okay?"
me: "anytime I've approached an employment situation over the past 12yrs, I always like to disclose the fact that I have ms.  And what that looks like in the workplace is that I might use the bathroom frequently.  Also, I might look tired, but I provided references from several people who have worked with me and whom I've worked for so that you could......"
her: :::interrupting:::  "I don't care"
me, like a little kid who was just given a giant lollipop:  "really???"
her:  "really"

Thank You, Lord:-)  Her reaction showed me that this is obviously a path He wants me on.

...maybe I should've told her how I walk into things?  Eh, I was about to.  Guess everyone will figure it out when they hear the thud.

(the power of prayer is mighty...)


Nancy said...

I am so happy for you! Getting the job not the 'thud'. I wish you the very best and a prayer for extra.

Tina said...

Aw thanks, Nancy!

I'm a little nervous this morning. First day of training! It's a happy kind of nervous:-)

May God bless your day (each and every one)!