Saturday, November 26, 2011

John's Auto Body

My husband is a man of many trades.  If it breaks, he can typically fix it.  Plumbing, electrical (okay, that one's a little scary), cracks in cement, minor engine repairs, stuff like that.   

And today, John's Auto Body is open.

Personally, I'm wondering if I shouldn't discourage him from pulling this out.  I mean, I think it sends a very clear message.  That message? 

"This lady is not afraid to put this car into places it does not fit"

I've previously shared my challenges with properly judging things that appear to the right of me.  Sometimes, those things are very hard.  I have bruises up and down the right side of my body, and dents and scrapes up and down the right side of my car.  Don't worry...I never drive too close to people, other cars, stuff like that.  I'm overly cautious in those situations, because I know my limitations in all things "to the right".  But curbs, fences, and snow boulders?  As you can decipher from this photo, my car tells the story.  Check out that tire...

I remember informing my husband of this latest "boo boo", which was acquired in a partially plowed parking lot at school after our freakish October snowstorm.  My legs were feeling heavy and I needed a spot as close to the building as possible, but there weren't any.  Well, except for the one that was partially plowed, that is.  I made it, but not without some technical difficulties.

The 'at home' conversation went as follows:

me:  "I really thought I had it.  But it turns out that it was another case of 'objects on right are closer than they appear'."
him...extending hand outward to dent:  "YA THINK???"
me...holding back laughter...
him:  "Did you know you hit the snow?"
me:  "Oh yeah, definitely.  I felt it.  And I heard it crunch."
him:  "...and???"
me:  "I figured I probably already put a dent in it, why quit at that point?"
him:  "Hon, you don't drive a Tahoe anymore.  You don't have steel bumpers on this thing.  You can't just stick this car wherever you want."
me:  "Ooooooh, I beg to differ!"
him...walking away...shaking head...mumbling to himself...

Personally, I think it's probably pretty fun to be married to me.  I'm just sayin'.

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