Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jillian Michaels

I used to like Jillian Michaels when I watched Biggest Loser.  She has the kind of personality that I relate to.  Funny thing about that show is that I quickly realized watching it...makes me want to eat.  No seriously, I would sit down and have a bowl of something in my hands within 10-15 minutes.  Maybe my subconscious was convincing me that these poor sturdy folks were running on empty, sweating half to death, and if I ate a bowl of Frosted Flakes, I was somehow helping them succeed?

Anyway, I needed an alternative to walking a couple of miles each day.  This summer's been pretty brutal with heat.  Yeah I know...duh, it's summer, it's hot.  But ms doesn't enjoy heat and takes it out on it's equally bull headed partner, moi.  So I sat down and checked out some "on demand" workouts that our cable company offers. 

I no longer like Jillian. 

I got to the 3rd exercise and began to ease up, because my legs were cramping?  And she got on my case.  "You can't rest, this is a 20 minute workout!"  So I listened, reluctantly, pushing through the pain.  Another exercise down and she comes at me with jumping jacks.  With cramping legs?  She's nuts.  I stopped and decided to sort of jog in place.  Again, right on cue, she got on my case.  "You have to stay with this, you can't expect your body to change if you rest!"  To which I yelled, literally...

"OH COME ON, JILLIAN!  My legs are cramping up, give me a BREAK!"  I was so frustrated that I was ready to turn off the tv.  Oh temper temper.  And then she said something about how she cares...about me.  Oh I get it.  Push me to the breaking point and tell me you love me?  Come on, Jillian.  I know that game and how it ends.  You don't know me.

Guess what?  I acknowledge your multi-level black belt and fitness guru-ism.  But this is me.  With the remote.  Who's in charge now?  :::click:::

See you tomorrow?  Well...alright.

Jillian says if I do this workout for 30 days, I'll notice "a change".  She never said what the change would be, but I'm up for an adventure.  I have a 20yr reunion coming up in October.  I will rest in the fact that my former classmates will approach me that night to say, "I don't know what it is about you, Tina?  I can't help but notice...a change!"

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