Tuesday, August 3, 2010


While the title of my blog is "MS Keeps Life Interesting", that's not all.  The following events occurred from approximately 8pm-8am.  Like "24", but not nearly as predictable.  Let's call it..."12"

8pm - just getting back from my 2mi walk and, this time, have lost feeling in fingers rather than legs.  Thanks for keepin' it spicy, ms!
8:01pm - son tells husband that his dog has a tick on her ear.
8:05pm - son tells husband that his dog has a tick on her ear.
8:06pm - I ask son if Daddy ever addressed tick on dog's ear.  Son says no.
8:06:03pm - husband is missing.
8:07pm - husband is spotted in backyard with starter fluid
8:07:02pm - I ask husband what he is doing?  "Underground bees nest"
8:08pm - I contemplate if we currently have the $150 in our checking account to cover an ER copay.
8:20pm - husband hurries into house with 5 beestings.  No, 6.
8:21pm - stray bee surprises the household occupants by flying out of husband's shirt.
8:21:02pm - 4 cats and 3 of 4 dogs spring into action in the attempts to catch bee.  I begin yelling, "get it before it stings Fred!"...because the Basset is anaphylactically allergic to bees.
8:30pm - husband obliterates bee with bear paw-esque hands.  In the process, nearly destroying lamp.
8:32pm - husband goes to bed.

6:37am - let dogs out.
6:50am - son's dog cries out and comes flying toward the sliding glass door.  I get it open in time.  She jumps on sofa, yelping.
6:50:22am - I notice bee stuck in between fold of rear leg.  I approach dog, dog pees all over sofa.
6:50:57am - I get dog back outside and flick bee with power flick.  Bee laughs.  I heard it.
6:52am - after repeated flicks, bee gives up and flies away.
6:53am - I call husband to advise that Pyromania 2010 was a failure.
7:00am - dog's face is swelling.  I jump in car and break land speed record to store for Benadryl.
7:07am - home with Benadryl, tuck one in a donut, give to dog.
7:08am - discover tick that husband "couldn't find".  Remove tick.  Happily light it ablaze.  I love the smell of...burnt tick in the morning...
7:47am - reheat coffee, put on Jack Johnson, and try to relax before the work day begins.
8:00am - realize that I will be late for work, because I've over-relaxed.

Jealous much?


Lucy De Jesus said...

You are Superwoman!!!
Love it!

Nancy said...

This was awesome!