Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is It Fall Yet?

This break in the weather has induced some sort of elation, euphoria, or otherwise intense feeling of happiness.  I really can't wait for fall.  I love fall.

Windows open, dehumidifiers running, puffy clouds, and hey...it's not 90+ degrees!  Football is back.  Wondertwin powers active, form of hockey mom!  I'm looking ahead to fall foliage.  Hayrides.  I attach the little trailer to the mower, throw leaves in it, hop in, and make my husband drive me around the yard.  He has that familiar wrinkle to his mustache throughout the whole drive until he finally asks, "are you done yet?"  One more time around, sweetie...just one more time.  And pumpkins.  I really like pumpkins.  Because what can't the pumpkin be?  A decoration, a pie, a candle, a spice in my coffee, a cheesecake, a jack-o-lantern?  Man.  I love fall...

Another plus to fall?  MS goes into hibernation.  Not a full out hibernation.  Maybe it's more like a restless sleep.  All the same symptoms are present, but the annoyance factor is much lower.  I sleep a little better, I feel a little better, I see a little better, I walk a little better...it's really the best time of year:-)

I love throwing on a pair of old comfy jeans, ones from when I was a lot heavier, because they have extra room in them. I have a few favorite sweatshirts, the kind I get lost in.  I change my hair color from summer's honey brown to fall's highlight/lowlight mocha, honey, and chocolate brown.  That looks natural, right?  And there's no pressure of feeling as if I must shave my legs 2x/day...

Aside from all those wonderful things, my absolute favorite?  The sights.  I find the changing colors of the leaves against the blue/gray skies indescribably beautiful.  I soak in every color and imagine heaven being all of that x 1000.  In fact, sights are always a priority for me.  Just yesterday, the skies were nothing but clouds.  Puffy white, shady gray, billowing bluish clouds.  My kids think I'm nuts, because I'll just stand and stare, taking in every beautiful shape, color, and scene.  "Mommy, we're going to be late."  Yeah.  We are.  And praise God they don't know why I'm gazing so carelessly and intently.   I pray on a daily basis that they never do.

Cinderella says you don't know what you got 'til it's gone.  Hair metal Cinderella, not the fairy tale chick.  And that's very true.  I've been made to realize that my eyesight is a gift.  There are times my field of vision contains black floaters, some quite large.  At one point, I lost the ability to see color in the bottom half of my field of vision.  I've had squigglies in my periphery, blurries, double vision, etc.  The blessing is that it's always resolved in its own timing.  As scary as that can sometimes be, I'm thankful for those experiences.  They've helped me to appreciate all of the beauty around me in a more complete and comprehensive manner.  In fact, ms has allowed me to appreciate lots of things in a more complete and comprehensive manner.  My family, my friendships, my abilities, even my un-abilities.  Some say I'm "intense", and they're right.  I intensely appreciate and enjoy my surroundings.  Each day.

From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea, Creation's revealing Your majesty. From the colors of Fall to the fragrance of Spring, Every creature unique in the song that it sings.

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