Friday, October 23, 2009

Remember Naptime?

Since graduating college and taking on my first corporate job, I've pushed for "Corporate Naptime". Never got it passed, sadly.

During the course of my day, I drive from one school building to another, sometimes more than once. As ridiculous as it sounds, the task of packing up my laptop + customary 4 bottles of water, lugging them to my car, opening the car doors, shutting the car doors, hurling my seatbelt over me, arguing with traffic to the next building, navigating the parking lot...which is totally NOT ms friendly (dumpster sitting in a weird spot on an angle with buses directly across, like a driving test, but these obstacles will wreck your ride), trying to avoid strangulation via previously mentioned seatbelt upon release, opening car doors, mounting laptop bag to shoulder, shutting car doors, walking to school's door, fumbling for 007 style id card to scan into tiny black box, trying to open door in the 2.2 seconds tiny black box allows you before it locks again...alright already, you get the idea. It's physically exhausting.

And that's not my actual work. I don't include that, because working with these kids is one of my most profound blessings and rejuvenates me. I love them each as if they're my own kids, and I know they love me right back. Today, as I was sitting in my room planning a session, I was pleasantly interrupted by random drive by hugs from a couple of my students. They're just cool kids...

Physical exhaustion is one thing, but I often think mental is worse. That happens at home. I walk in from work, lugging laptop and whatever else my car accrued during my travels. In my line of sight is the kitchen sink. We play this game that I call "Sink Jenga". Like where my husband and I see how many dishes we can stack without toppling the pile? Whoever topples it has to load the dishwasher. Sadly, he's getting pretty good at it. I was undefeated for months. But just the sight of the dishes makes me tired. I know it's my move and the pressure's on. Careful! Watch the placement of that butter could mean disaster if not properly configured!

And don't get me started on household finances. Even typing those 2 words made me yawn.

But the cool thing is...God is always faithful and gives me the strength I need to get through a day. He also quiets me when it's time to rest, like when I can't possibly stay upright for one more second, so I lay down and wake up 3 hours later. All that to say that I've been circling Mount Fatigue for about 10yrs now and am learning that I need to keep pushing as hard as I can and making the very most of each day, living it for and in Him. He'll continue to bless me with rest when He knows I need it.

Someone once said that each day we live is a day closer to the day we die. Gee, that's uplifting! Not. Guess it's true, though. I'll continue to choose to go, go, go! I will surprise my husband and load the dishwasher tonight, even though I can so put this glass in there without negative effect. If I'm going to give each day my best, I guess that includes every part of it!

Whatever you do, work heartily as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward You are serving the Lord Christ."

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