Monday, December 26, 2011

Stay At Home Me

As I sip my coffee and finish this last bite of egg prior to heading into school for a short bit of work with a student, I find myself thinking the following thought:

I could so be a stay-at-home mother.

Um...let me make some valuable disclaimers after such a statement!  I love my work, I love the fact that I'm able to work, I love my students, and I love to feel as if I'm doing the Lord's work in serving them and their families.  I also need a paycheck.

But yeah.  I could so be a stay-at-home mother.

I know this, because of the fact that I work at a school and have 'summers off'.  'Summers off' means that I pick up jobs over the summer with other employers and I take training courses for my school job, but the hours are less than I'm used to working.  There are a few shorter breaks sprinkled along the course of the year, such as this Christmas break.  Christmas break is my favorite:-)

What do I do with my extra time when I'm not working?  Some form of exercise each and every day.  I care for my household.  Socks and underwear for everyone!  I watch Maury and know that none of those guests are the father.  None of them.  I cook meals on a nightly basis.  I spend more time in the Word, which helps me to not fall into the 'depressed, lonely, sad' pit of lies.  Most of all...I give my all to my kids and my husband.  They are my greatest blessings and always will be.  I'm not too tired.  For pretty much anything.  Basically...

I'm focused on the bigger picture.  My spirit feels content.  My mind feels quick and spry.  My legs feel good.

I. Feel. Good.

I could be this lady.  Wait.  Do you think she's watching Maury?  Doesn't her reaction shot look a little like when they've opened the 7th envelope of denial?  It's not just me who sees it, right?

Hi ho, hi's off to work I back to jump (ok, it's more like a thud and bounce) on my peacefully sleeping kids' beds to wake them in about an hour :-)

Be blessed, friends!

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