Friday, December 16, 2011

So Not A Weeble

Little girls dream of being Barbie.  Or a princess.  Or something else that wreaks of vanity.

Me?  I wanted to be a Weeble.

I'm so not kidding. 

Come have the capability to wobble, but not fall down?  That's a super power!  My cousin always wanted to be Superman.  He once tied a red 'cape' around his neck and attempted to take flight from the roof of his porch.  I remember his look of determination, his impressive sprint, the spreading of his arms...the widening of his eyes...the THUD...and the gaspings of, "".  Then and there, I couldn't help but consider how vastly different the outcome would've been if he were a Weeble.  You're all seeing it my way, aren't you.  You're welcome.

Alas, my dream lives on.  Honestly, I've never wanted to be a Weeble as much as I have since about 1999, when I first became ill with ms.  Tonight I was reminded yet again.

I thought it would be nice if I took care of an errand for my husband, seeing as how he was going to be out late.  That errand?  Closing in our chickens for the evening.  I threw on his boots and clomped right on outside, armed with a giant Mag-lite.  My last thoughts were, "I got this..."


Straight down on my left side, emphasis on shoulder and hip.  When I finally rose to my feet, which took a few minutes to accomplish, I pointed the flashlight to the ground and noticed a giant divot.  Did I do that???  Yeah.  You know you fell hard when you cause property damage. 

There are 2 things I've found ms to dislike tremendously - viruses and falls.  I have short circuitry bleeping around from elbow to shoulder to neck to face to shoulder to elbow to fingers.  My face is tingling.  I'm sleepy all of the sudden.  Clearly, I'm more Humpty Dumpty than Weeble.

Praise God for cranial sacral sessions with my main man, Greg.  I see an appointment in the very near future.  But for now, coffee and aspirin will have to do.

I'll never give up the dream...


Nancy said...

A Tina divot in the yard. I never thought of falling and causing property damage. I'm smiling here from your humor. But like the everready bunny we keep on going. Now if we could invent an outer shell shaped like ah weeble with hand straps inside. Once I thought of wrapping myself in bubble wrap (?) I wish you a great weekend without falls. Take care.

Tina said...

Too late, Nancy! I went to the grocery store today and walked into a metal handrail, smashing my hand between the rail and myself. My husband was along with me. He was all, "what are you doing?" and I was all, "do you THINK I try to do this stuff???" LOL!!!!!!!!!!