Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Experiences Are Golden!

I love experiencing life.

Mind you, I'm not the kind of girl you'll find trying to ride a bicycle for distance or run a half marathon.  I don't climb stuff.  I don't ride roller coasters or bungee jump.  Why?  Well, it's not because I wouldn't want to...it's more because those are things I'm simply unable to do.  I'm not a Weeble.  Oh who am I kidding?  I didn't do those things when I did have the ability.

Experiences.  They're important to me.  What do I call an 'experience'?  Seeing the beauty of the sky.  Hearing my kids laugh so hard they snort.  Admiring my husband as he leads our family in prayer.   Cheering for my daughter as she crosses the finish line.  Tearing up as my son scores a goal.  Laughing with friends.  Chasing the basset hound after he's snagged a piece of food from my plate.  Stuff like that.

Admittedly, people find me a little strange for the amount of importance I place on experiences.

For example, I've been shamelessly harassing my mother about taking me to the Flyers/Rangers Alumni game that's fast approaching.  My Dad wondered why I would want to sit outside to watch an ice hockey game, one in which no one cared about winning, between guys who haven't played in forever, some being his age?


I've been busy attempting to schedule breakfasts, dinners, and coffee outings with my girlfriends while I have the week off from school.  I'm positive I sounded desperate when I excitedly said to one of my dearest girlfriends, "let me know if you want to get together this week!"  This, after we had just finished up a fantastic dinner.  I'm sure she wondered why I would be so overly eager.


I earned odd stares from my husband today when I asked him if he wanted to come along with me to the grocery store, since he also had the day off.  He wondered why I wanted his company on an adventure that I typically attack in a solo fashion.


And last but not least, I embarrassed a friend at the mall this week, because I had casually asked her if she'd like an Orange Julius.  When she responded that she'd never had one, I yelled out...


I immediately rushed to the stand and purchased one.  Her life may not have been forever changed by our enjoyment of the Orange Julii, but I'd like to think her evening may have been just a bit brighter.  Mine was, because of the time I was able to spend with her.  As well as the jovial harassment :-)

While I could never be thankful for ms, maybe I am somewhat thankful for the way it has changed my priorities and overall outlook.  I don't mind being thought of as just a little strange.  I don't mind that some people don't quite 'get' me, be it my humor or my willingness to share with them exactly how much I value them.  And if part of that is earned by insisting that a friend try an Orange Julius, then so be it.

Something that ms has taught me over the years is...it's all about experiences:-)


Peace Be With You said...

May you always be blessed with your zest for experiencing life.

Tina said...

I pray the same for you, Judy! You're the best:-)