Saturday, June 30, 2012

So Not A Receptionist...

I'm about 2 solid weeks into my new job as an 'Accounting Assistant'.

Accounting Assistant.  That's like...working A/R reports, billing stuff, posting stuff, counting stuff, sorting stuff, paying stuff, and calling people to talk about when they might be able to pay stuff.  I like that kind of stuff.  I feel confident in it.

...but I'm also supposed to answer the phone, which makes me 'a receptionist'.

How hard is it to answer a phone?  Apparently, picking it up is's the rest that presents a challenge.

I don't know if it's the buzzing in my head or the fact that my brain runs at approximately 200mph, but I can't seem to isolate the sounds of caller's voices from the background noise of their own telephones.  And, because I'm still fairly new and definitely unfamiliar with the names of the various companies, all I'm able to do best?  When I transfer the call to a coworker - I take the caller's company name and toss it up into a creative little word salad.  MSers, you feel me on this one.  I know you do :-)

  • A company named after a man named "Tom"?  Becomes 'Tom Sawyer'.
  • A company name that rhymes with the word 'tobacco'?  Becomes 'Tobacco'.
  • A customer named Sharon?  Becomes 'Susan'.  Sara is now 'Sierra'.
  • And if your company has more than 3 words?  I simply say, upon transfer, "um...are you available for Dan from a company with a ridiculously long name?  Kay, thanks!"

In other words, there are times in which my brain has hit 'plaid' (clever Space Balls reference) and I can only do what it allows me to do, which is 'be funny'.  I still find myself nervous at times, which we all know is never a good thing for our minds, regardless of holes.  Or not.  I know I'll settle down...settle in...etc.  I've decided to take the breaks I'm afforded in the morning and afternoon, rather than working straight through and re-caffeinating.  Instead, I spend that time with my nose stuck in a devotional book.  That's got to kick in at some point, right?  Right.

Thanks be to God for coworkers who can laugh both with and at me.  And above all, I praise Him for a boss who has handled me with grace and patience.  I am confident that I have been purposefully placed right where the Lord would have me be.  In the meantime, I have to try to get better at this 'receptioning' thing ;-)

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