Friday, June 15, 2012

Starting Over

This week, I began my new job as an accounting clerk.

I started over.  All new boss (who's of the top 5 'Nicest People Ever' that I've met, and that's saying something).  All new coworkers.  All new surroundings.  All new bathroom.

I had a few fears from the start.  First?  That I'd walk into something.  Next? That I'd trip and fall in my new shoes.  See, I thought it best to replace my scuffed toe shoes with a pair of $9.97 black flats from Walmart. Thank you, Sam, for making shoes that even I can afford.

Thankfully, I didn't walk into anything.  Even more 'thankfully', when I tripped, no one saw.  And I think I speak for all of us when I say, "if an ms'er trips and no one sees her, then she didn't trip at all".

Sidenote:  Exactly what is taking so long for someone to create a t-shirt for us that clearly states, "I'm not drunk, I have MS"?  Someone needs to get. on. that.

In any case, ms chose a fantastic combination of symptoms to throw at a 'new girl on the job'.  Brain fog and pseudobulbar tears.  Try learning a new computer system and work process when you can't remember to turn your car off before getting out of it, or can't remember the alphabet.  The alphabet, people.  She who was once 'advanced placement' all through high school?  Had a mental recall equivalent to dumping a can of alphabet soup on the floor and splashing around in it.  The tears were a nice touch, as well.  Nothing like rushing to the bathroom in order to cry in privacy - with no idea as to why.

How did the week wrap up?  All in all...fairly well, thanks.  How'd I manage those symptoms, being the medicinal failure that I am?  Easy.  I chose to manage the outward appearance.  I took refuge in a bathroom stall when applicable, and in the privacy of my car, where I prayed and poorly sang a worship song.  People say 'it's a joyful noise to the Lord'.  No it's not.  I lip synch in church, friends.  Milli Vanilli ain't got nuthin' on me...

I trust that the Lord has put me right where He wants me.  I pray that my coworkers might find something 'different' about me that has nothing to do with holes in my head, and everything to do with my 'light'.  This week, ms was pushing hard for that spot...but next week is coming.  'Cause I'm so *not* above bringing an alphabet strip from my old job to this new one and taping it to my cubicle until this storm passes...

Look out, world :-)

(...the song I was singing to myself each day.  At least I remembered something.)

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