Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm Baaaaack!

Hello, people!

It feels as if it's been such a long time!  Where do I begin?  I suppose I could begin with a summary.  Over the past 3 months, I've:

  • gotten groceries relatively incident-free approximately 14 times
  • had 2 additional MS magnets stolen from my car
  • witnessed my kids win some really neat awards
  • had several disagreements with the basset hound
  • lost my job
  • turned 40
  • ran into a curb in a parking lot - hard
  • changed my Dunkin' Donuts drink of choice from caramel iced latte to vanilla bean coolatta
  • changed my hair color to red
  • gone out for cheesecake once

As you can see, one of those points is fairly devastating.  I'm just as confused as you all by the fact that I've allowed 3 months to go by without treating myself to cheesecake more than just once.

MS has been somewhat quiet...unless, of course, that's just because I've been busy turning 40 and changing my hair color?  In which case, it's just not been loud enough.  

Alas, I was reminded of its presence during a trip to Dress Barn to try on new tops for job interviews.  I glanced around the racks and spotted the most perfect blouse ever.  I proudly pranced it into the dressing room and prepared myself for the fabulous transformation it would surely complete in me.  I gently pulled it over my head and felt this horrifying sensation around my ribcage!  I nearly tore it in my spastic efforts to GET. IT. OFF.  Ah ha!  I didn't notice the elastic banding around the middle of the shirt prior to trying it on.  Note to self.  LOOK next time.

A shirt that mimics an MS Hug?  Should be illegal.  Also illegal?  Should be curbs that have the ability to get up and move - into my path.  Ugh.

Because I'm all about sky pictures, I'll take a moment to post one I recently took:

See that light peeking through the clouds?  That's what I call "hope".  And that's what I'm focused on :-)  Though on second glance, it looks a little like one of my brain lesions.  Hope...brain lesion...tomato...tomahto...

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.

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