Sunday, May 8, 2011

The MS Waddle

That says it all, right? 

I figure it's time to scavenge-and-drop the $50 copay to visit a physical therapist who can tell me how in the world to get some flexibility back into these legs.  I'm having a hard time walking for exercise, or even just walking for transportation, because whatever those muscles are that join your rear end to your upper legs?  Yeah, they're not working properly.  I'm totally in touch with my inner penguin.  I even get a little sore while sitting.  And that's just not right. 

I have plenty of comments for what my walking must look like to innocent bystanders, but I will keep those to myself.

The stiffness and pain have caused me to be, um...slightly edgy and quick tempered with people who expect me to walk quickly, or who get on my case about using the little cart to purchase a case of water and a large bag of cat litter.  Because of the latter, I cannot return to my usual grocery store anytime soon.  The ongoing battle of "me vs snarky bagger man" reached its tipping point and let's just say - between the pain I was in all day, having just come off a full shift and volunteering a couple hours immediately following, equating to a 10+hr work day - it was the wrong night for snarky customer service. 

I'm sure the pt exercises for this are both interesting and flattering at the same time.  I continue to be in awe of the envy men everywhere must hold for my husband.  A wife who wears winter socks around the house all year 'round, bruises cascading her right side, and now...waddling.  Two words:  That's hot!  Oh what a lucky, lucky man he truly is ;-)

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