Thursday, May 26, 2011

Randomness = Happiness!

I love people with ms.  I'm not happy to say that I have several friends with it, because I wish more than anything that they didn't.  That I didn't.  But you know what?  If we have to live with this condition, at least we do so in unity!

The following re-enactment took place on facebook a moment ago:

MG status:  ...Looking forward to the banquet tomorrow night, and then a weekend away at the mountains! First family vacation (albeit short) in over 2 yrs!
Some Guy: Where you gonna be in the mountains? We'll be up there too.
MG:  (gives him the location). Where will you be?
Friend of Mine w/MS (Linda):  Not to change the subject but, is there dress down day tomorrow?
MG:  yes, it is a dress down day tomorrow!

:::crickets chirp...then several follow up posts celebrating MG's mini-vacay, and then me...holding stomach in laughter:::

Tina:  I'm sorry, I'm sitting here cracking up. "I'm going on vacation!" and the person with MS says, "is it dress down day?" I feel so at home when Linda posts...because I was LITERALLY thinking the same thing...

Yeah.  MS is like that, right?  Like those "what does MS = to you" things?  MS = Random.

Random thoughts that require me to actively focus on your conversation, because I'm thinking about my checkbook, how many "miles to empty" I saw when I shut my car off, someone left 2mm of milk in the jug and put it back in the fridge, feels like something's crawling on my face, which eye should I be looking into when I'm talking to people...I wonder if they have a preference, I think the Phillies are on tonight, the color blue, had to be my husband who put that milk jug back empty, cheesecake, I could go for a coolatta, "I got the powah!" (I sing 80s songs in my head whilst thinking)...

I've been living with ms for about 12yrs now.  As I reflect on our time together, I can't help but notice a trend.  I'm more "random" than "planned".  In fact, I barely plan anything, because how can I?  If I felt the same way two days in a row, maybe.  It's like that theory people joke about that a man will begin to resemble his dog.  Totally true in my home, btw.  My husband and our basset hound?  Well.  You be the judge:


Anyway, :::focus, focus::: I think I'm meeting ms in the middle and becoming just as random as it is. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em ;-)

As an aside, someone snapped this photo of my friend, Linda, and I at a school function:

We're not sure what we were laughing at, probably because it was something different for each of us.  We just know that, whatever it was FUNNY!  I'm way off track again.

Be well, friends!

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