Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's That Smell?

I've lost a great deal of my sense of smell over the past 3 or 4 weeks.  I don't recall it being gradual in any way, moreso just...bang.  I don't smell things like I used to.  And I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

My uncanny powers were reminiscent of Jaime Sommers, aka The Bionic Woman.  Except I don't recall whether or not she had superfreak powers of smell.  Hearing?  Yes.  But I ask you...what's more important?  To hear the train coming at you?  Or to smell it 5 miles away.  I say smell.  Hands down.

I used to smell the cigarette the guy 5 cars up was smoking.  Forget following a diesel powered truck.  I'd immediately turn off the fan and pull my shirt up over my nose.  I bionically recognized that our home oil tank had sprung a pinhole sized leak, 'cause I smelled the oil...2 floors up.  I can be solely credited with preserving the lives of our family and pets with my bionic nose when our previous home filled with carbon monoxide.  I remember my husband losing his patience with me as he slept that night.  I woke him and said, "something's very wrong...I smell it.  Don't you smell it?" and he was all, "oh you gotta be kidding me.  Go to sleep." and I was all, "it's exhaust or something, like carbon monoxide!" and he was all, "that doesn't even HAVE a scent!  You're CRAZY!  GO TO SLEEP!"  Instead, I ran out to walmart, bought a CO detector, plugged it in, and it was screaming within seconds.  Pack us up, big boy!  I'm crazy alright...crazy BIONIC!

Ordinary things like going out to eat were challenging.  I was hit with the scent barrage of every dish in the restaurant and every flavor of alcohol in the bar area and at neighboring tables.  As soon as I'd get home, I'd toss my clothes in the laundry and wash my hair.  But I had lunch a few weeks back with a friend and, despite being seated right next to the bar, I had the most enjoyable lunch ever.  No smells!  I can now cook and burn meals without being overpowered by the smell.  I no longer have to jog through the laundry soap aisle of the grocery store.  I can even open a can of spaghettios without gagging at the smell.

Wait.  Is this impairment of sense of smell...or am I now normal?  Because I have to say that it's a bit liberating!

I looked up "multiple sclerosis heightened sense of smell" and found that, not only is it a real thing, it's got a cool name!  "Hyperosmia"! 

I'm not sure I want my freak smelling powers back.  Hey, can keep that one, kay?  I've got a few CO monitors in the house.  It's safe now.  Plus, my husband enjoys the fact that I'll now heat up spaghettios for him.  It's taken our marriage to the next level...


Courtney said...

Sorry this comment isn't regarding your current blog post, but I saw your comment on a different blog about how you attended the Family Hope Center. We are seriously considering a visit out to PA from CO to do the seminar and the the evaluation as my son has epilepsy and we are not having any luck with treatments. Everything on their website seems to really resonate with us and it seems like it would be very worthwhile. We were hoping to correspond with someone that had experience with FHC to help us figure out if it might be the right thing for our son. Our email is gotskeeles at gmail dot com if you have a few minutes. Thanks.

Tina said...

Hi Courtney! I'll respond here in case someone else could be blessed by the information.

FHC is worth every mile of travel and every penny. In our case, our son was dx'd with autism as a little guy. He has been fully restored through the neurological program they gave us. I don't have the words to describe our joy! My son said that he will someday give his testimony, as someone who used to be autistic. Granted, his GI tract is such that he still needs to keep a gluten and dairy free diet...but after a short time of aggressive work in the program (creeping/crawling, smells program, hearing program, reading program, cranial sacral sessions), he is a walking testimony of the Lord's healing through the work of others. It has truly been amazing. In addition to his healing, when I've had strong ms flares, the staff has worked with me and I've come through them quickly with no lingering damage.

I'll send you an email so you can contact me anytime. In the meantime, I will lift you and yours up in prayer. May God lead you to the right treatments for your son:-)