Saturday, April 16, 2011

"I Just Didn't Have It"

That's what my son said to me tonight after his dek hockey game. 

Poor guy.  Didn't matter what he did, it was one of those "day late, dollar short" deals.  In one instance, he swiped at the ball with such force that he knocked himself off his own feet and fell right on his back end...ball rolling past him for a breakaway going the opposite way.  And I heard the opposite side of the dek go up in a combination of laughter and "OOOOOH!".  Oh temper temper.  I sat there, openly sharing how "p.o.'ed" I was at that response of adults to a kid's misfortune.  Except I didn't abbreviate.  Consider that my confession of how, once again, my temper got the better of me (sorry, Lord).  He came off the dek after the game and said, "I just didn't have it tonight".  And I said, "it's okay, didn't need it.  Your team had it."  They won decidedly, 3-0.


I prepped for our school's annual pancake breakfast for several hours last night.  I set up an entire cafeteria full of tables and 108 folding chairs.  I swept the floor with a broom and collected 4 huge trash cans of garbage.  All in my dress clothes, complete with clicky shoes.  I then hit the store and shopped for the bulk items.  By the time I was at the register, after about 4 straight hours of physical movement, I was spinning, tingly, numb, and cloudy headed.  And this morning at 7am, when it was time to get myself back to school to complete the 58 additional tasks prior to opening the doors?  I couldn't think straight.  I set the alarm off in the school and couldn't remember the I walked away and figured I'd just give the cops some pancakes for their trouble if they came by.  I was laying things down and walking away from them.  I banged into 2 walls and a door.  I closed the bathroom stall door on my hand.  I couldn't remember half of what I needed to do, yet this was at least my 4th year of running this event.  I was literally walking in circles.  A gentleman said, "do you have a cash box?"...and I couldn't even answer said simple question.  Commence verbal spew in 3...2...

"I shouldn't have even done this today!  I can't even answer the simplest of questions!  I don't even know what I'm doing!  I just don't have it today!!!"

Funny how, at my son's hockey game, I'm sure I looked like a total sports nut mom...mad at her kid for having an off game.  Not at all.  My frustration was for him.  Because I felt it all morning.  I was embarrassed that I couldn't function in a normal fashion today.  I knew I wasn't firing on all cylinders, or even 1/4 of them.  But as I was explaining to him that you can't always be on top of your game, my experiences this morning became so clear.

Because yesterday afternoon, a friend carted all of the cases of food into the kitchen and stocked them for me so I wouldn't have to carry them. Another friend helped me set the tables into the late night hours.  This morning, a group of friends immediately got started with cooking the food, pouring the drinks, and even ran to get me a coffee.  And when I was in the midst of literally walking in a circle, another friend said, "you've done so much. Why don't you just relax and let us take care of the rest?"

I didn't have it today, but I didn't need "team" had it!  I'm ridiculously blessed, right?  Right:-) 

Prov 17:17 (NCV) “A friend loves you all the time, and a brother helps in time of trouble”.

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