Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011! Wishing You The Best!

It's not that there weren't bright spots in 2010 and all?  But I'm enjoying the changing of one Basset Hound calendar to the other.  And I shouldn't say "bright spots".  Hits a little too close to home.  Ha!  Made myself laugh...

The plan for 2011?  Well, there's actually not much of one.  Many of my friends are list makers.  I think it's the "teacher" in them on account of their fancy lesson plans and such.  This is why I'm not a traditional classroom teacher.  The students I work with are quite bored by "plans", as is their instructor.  In my life, it's not that I haven't tried to make plans, it's just that they've never come together.  I typically forget my course and don't follow them.  Let me just err on the safe side and call it a "hope" list.

  • I hope my family and friends remain healthy and take every opportunity they're blessed with to enjoy themselves!
  • I hope to have tan lines by the end of June. At the very latest.
  • I hope to be able to volunteer this year at the summer camp my children recently started attending.  It's a great way to do the Lord's work and completely wreck someone else's kitchen in the process.  We chocolate covered everything 2 summers ago...pickles, bacon, meatloaf.  Nothing was safe, nor will it be, upon my return.
  • I hope the numbers in our ebanking account always look like this  $xxx  and not this  $-xxx .  That'll be somethin' new!  Ha!
  • I hope ms behaves itself.  Pretty please...
Not necessarily in that order.  Well, the "tan lines" hope would still be pretty high up there.  A summer spent under fluorescent lights certainly didn't bring out that slight bit of Native American heritage I have within me.  I was looking more like Casper than Pocahontas.  Pretty Stylish Friend taught me to look in the mirror and say, "I make this look good".  I tried that, but all that came to mind was, "I make milk look good..."  Ha!  Made myself laugh again.  That's important to do, you know.

Above all, thank you so much for reading, for your support, and for your prayers.  Writing this blog has been such a blessing to me, because I've been able to connect with so many people, some of whom I may never meet in person.  I write in the hopes of blessing others, but it is you who bless me.  So that brings me to one last...hugely important "hope":

I hope that you all are abundantly blessed!

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