Thursday, July 1, 2010

Guess Who's Not Tired!


I was so certain that exercising would restore a somewhat normal pattern of sleep.  On the first night.  I'm so impatient.  For the past 2 days, my legs were so shaky and weak that I occasionally steadied myself by pushing off the wall, or simply stuffing myself into it, like the Geico caveman on the zamboni.  But this morning?  I woke up with about 75% leg strength and minimal wobbles.  YAY!  It's a beautiful day...80 degrees, bright blue skies, puffy clouds, and low humidity!  I gotta walk!  But I don't feel like going alone, 'cause what if my legs want to quit on me?  I know!  Pretty/stylish friend!  She's always willing to walk with me!  And in true fashion, she accepted my offer with only a few minutes' notice:-)

You know, I refer to her as such for HIPAA purposes in blogs, but that's quite a superficial, unfitting title for a woman who is really so much more.  PS friend and I have a pretty remarkable friendship.  We joke about going out for breakfast 40yrs from now.  I'll stuff the jelly packets in my purse and she'll take the silverware.  It's good to iron these things out now.  And it's fun to think of the silly things we'll do 20, 40, or even just 2 years from now.  Any adventure we take on ends up being quite hysterical.  Like the time we went to a retreat in Hershey and I walked into the wall at the hotel?  Shocked bystanders were quite concerned, but PS friend was laughing hysterically.  As was I.  Or how about the time I misjudged the distance from my car to her fence and flattened out a nice spot in the quarterpanel?  That dent stays.  It reminds me of the laughter. 

That laughter is so important.  I was explaining to her tonight, during my first big walk since my legs decided to take a vacay, that I was looking so forward to a trip we'll be taking in August to see Joyce Meyer.  Just the anticipation of going brings a smile to my face and I think to blessed to have friends like this.  Friends who accept me for all of my invisible symptoms.  Emotions up and down?  That's okay!  Propensity for walking into fixed objects?  Go right ahead!  Friends who won't mind cutting into dinnertime to put in a couple miles worth of walking with I walk a little slower and a little less straight than normal?  Nice! 

And, while you're walking, having guys in a passing car yell at you?  Well, at her.  That, my dear PS friend, is something you may keep allllllllllll to yourself!  I don't dig "Scrubs". 

Are you singing it yet?  Link attached.  You're welcome.

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Jamie said...

"Hangin out the passenger side, of his best friend's ride, tryin to holla at meeee...."


(I don't even need the link!! LOL)