Monday, July 12, 2010

I = Magic 8 Ball

My days at work are quite entertaining.  I realized that, when bosses, coworkers, and patients approach me with inquiries, I sound a whole lot like...Magic 8 Ball!

For example...

  • Patient:  "Can you tell me if my secondary insurance paid their part of that claim?"
  • Me, furiously clicking the mouse in attempts to find the information, relying on prior knowledge of what coinsurance looks like:  "As I see it, yes"

  • Boss:  "Do you really think you can get that many charts entered by the end of today?"
  • Me, performing lighting-quick mental analysis:  "Signs point to yes"

  • Coworker:  "Hey lady, you ever gonna take a lunch break today or what?"
  • Me, trying to compensate for the previous flaw in aforementioned, lightning-quick mental analysis by working through lunch: "Very doubtful".

  • Me to coworker:  "Can you show me where you find whether or not a secondary insurance paid their portion of a claim?"
  • Coworker:  "Sure!"...then clicking at approx 157 wpm..."and there it is"
  • Me:  "Reply hazy, try again" followed by a mental note to "Ask again later"

The great thing about Magic 8 Ball is that it's mostly optimistic.  With 10 affirmative answers, 5 tweeners, and 5 negatives, the likelihood of giving someone a good answer?  "Outlook good"!   


Lucy De Jesus said...

Funny! Been there done that...

Jamie said...

Love it! I actually wouldn't have guessed there were so many positive answers... as my magic 8 ball just likes to piss on my parade it seems....

Jamie said...

P.S. my captcha? word-verify-y-thing? was anuses.

True story.