Saturday, June 12, 2010

Welcome Back From Vacation, MS!

Missed ya like a boil for those 2 weeks, but somehow life just isn't the same withoutcha! And besides, what would I write about? Oh I know! "Life After MS...a story of normalcy". Who am I kidding. That would never be me.

MS returned bright and early in the form of weak legs. One word: Nice.

Nice. I was planning to take my kids to the beach tomorrow for a day trip if 2 things could come together. 1) if ms stayed away, and 2) if I had a plethora of funds to spare for gas/lunch. Guess what? 0 for 2! And I was highly disappointed, not for me, but for my kids. Ahhh those kids. Over the years, having to be told, "Mommy can't". Mother of The Year nominees? I hereby withdraw.

By about mid-morning, full fledged depression had set in. No beach trip, no money over and above gas and dog food, and my legs feel like I ran a marathon, yet look like I've spent 12 years in a bed. I mean come on, at least they could LOOK good! I slumped into my chair, unwilling to move.

I was instantly surrounded by 4 pairs of hound eyes, who stared at me as if to say, "could you kindly get over yourself and be troubled to the point of picking up a little food for us, or must we pee on your pillow tonight? The yours." So I put on my big girl pants and headed out for dog food.

Carrying the 35lb bag was a chore. As I was heading back up the road toward home, I remembered my son is out of bread. It's a special kind that they happen to sell at the grocery store next door to the pet store. I considered how many steps it would take to get to the gluten/dairy free aisle, to the register, then back to car. Costs $3.99 and I've got a $5...let's do this! Had to settle for a moderately far parking space. I was annoyed with myself, wishing I'd just suck up my pride and get a handicapped placard. I longingly looked at a car parked in the 1st handicapped space, thinking how nice it would be to...what's that? Feet? Why are there feet sticking out of the bottom of the car? And they're not moving.

I ran to the car, trying to recall the first aid/CPR course I had to pass at school. I got there and saw an elderly woman laying on the floor of the car, between the seat and pedals. She was on her cell phone? So I was all, "'am? Do you need help?" She explained that she was in from FL, driving her grandson's car and unfamiliar with the security system. The car had some kind of button that's well hidden under the dashboard, which enables the car to be started after you've shut it off. She politely exited the car and asked me if I could find it according to the directive from the grandaughter, who was on the phone. It was taking me an eternity and I still couldn't find this stupid button from my current position. I knew what had to be done...

Time to take off my Phillies hat, twist myself to lay on my back on the floor of the car, and get serious. Once I did that, I found it in 2 seconds and got the car started! The woman was so awesome. She said I was her blessing of the day, gave me a huge hug, and blessed me.

On my drive home, son's bread safely in passenger's seat, I couldn't help but recall her blessing. And I realized that I was able to run to the car, able to get down low enough to lay on the floor of it, and able to get out. I then walked into, through, and out of the store without incident. I am blessed. All the sudden, the beach trip disappointment didn't matter so much.

I came home with my son's bread and he screamed, "YES! BEST MOMMY EVER!" Really? Even though I just told him that we aren't going away tomorrow? He then said he was worried I was taking so long to get home. I said, "sorry, buddy...I met the neatest lady at the store", and left it at that.

So thank You, Lord, for enduring me patiently. Thanks for opportunities to serve and for the physical strength You gave me to get the job done! I wouldn't have gone to that store at that exact time if I were packing for the day trip, and I'd have missed meeting that wonderful woman and seeing Your blessings all around me. I = spoiled brat :-)

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laurie said...

Are you aware of how many lives you touch? While you always talk about your encounters as blessings to you (and I agree, I believe that they are just that and sent as a true sign from God that you are always in His thoughts) but my goodness, the amount of times you have helped someone else who really needed to be 'saved' amazes me. You children have the best mom ever - there is no way money can give them them the foundation that you are to mold them into the kind of person you are. They are truly blessed to have you as a mom. We are all blessed to have a connection to you.