Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fish Outta Water!

That's how I've felt at times over the past week or so. I can almost hear my kids yelling, "fish outta water, fish outta water!!!" as they have in their swimming pool games.

This past school year, I worked as an educational therapist in a Christian school. This is a workplace where it's not uncommon to be walking down the hallway, encounter a coworker, and have a huge conversation about faith. True, the majority of my working career was spent in cubicles and behind desks, chasing money owed to my employers. But for the majority of that majority (what?), I spent time in said Christian school as a volunteer. In a way, being at the school was like attending a daily worship service. And I'm the type of person who needs that constant influence, because I have a mind that runs as fast as Speedy Gonzalez all caffeined out. Probably because I'm all caffeined out.

This summer, I'm working as a medical biller in a fast-paced and very large medical practice. I absolutely love the job:-) But I realized quickly that I wasn't in Kansas anymore. Then again, I've never been to Kansas.

I have a Jesus fish on the back of my car. As I was walking through the parking lot the other morning, a coworker asked me where the feet were on my fish. I didn't get it at first, because my mind was running as fast as Speedy Gon...oh nevermind...I'm already onto the next thought. When I politely smiled and answered, "there are no feet on my fish", she whispered...literally whispered, "I'm a Christian too". Over the course of last week, I had 2 other coworkers approach me to say, "so...you're a Christian?" and then quietly disclose that they were as well. That's when it hit me. Fish outta water!

Admittedly, I feel a sense of pressure. If they're approaching me as a sister in Christ and whispering, that means they're talking. And if they're talking, that means they're watching. And if they're watching, that means...they're watching! I don't have any visible signs that tell others I'm a Christian, besides the fish on my car. I would hope that the way I carry myself would be enough indication. That's not always easy!

Just the other day, I had made a joke about ms to a coworker. She stopped in her tracks, looking at me in a state of shock, and was all, "YOU...have MS???" Me: "yup". She said she'd have never imagined, that I have such a positive personality, and then came the million dollar question..."how do you do it?"

...through Christ who strengthens me...

The expression on her face was priceless.


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Mrs. Judy Owens said...

Beautiful reflection.. you never cease to amaze me.