Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm In All Kinds of Debt

In yesterday's mail was my "Momentum" magazine that I enjoy sharing in my posts. The cover shows a 30-something woman, clad in comfy looking pj's, yawning. Now we're talkin'! That's me! Though my pj's are not a matching flannel set like hers...because I sport my husband's giant t-shirts and a pair of his work socks for my always freezing feet. I pull it off, however. I was working "hot mess" long before strange folks came along on TLC to coin the phrase.

I happily paged through and hit p24. Says here "Sleep Debt Warning Signs". Ugh, what is this...Cosmo? And why must we refer to my insomnia as debt? Am I not in enough of that as it is? I spent the last 2 Friday nights on the phone, trying to get our creditors to take one step to the left off our chests. I remember when Friday nights meant going out on the town with friends, racing my car a little, maybe hitting a club. But now, my cool factor has far surpassed that. Oh I find joy in calling companies and asking for hardship plans. All this to say, you can see why anything with the word "debt" included is exhausting.

Here are the Sleep Debt Warning signs, according to CosmoMomentum:
- If you need an alarm clock to wake up (duh?)
- If you're tired right after you get up instead of feeling refreshed (because the alarm clock woke me?)
- If you either can't fall asleep, or you wake up after a couple of hours and can't get back to sleep
- If you kick off your bed covers (do we not all do this?)
- If you get up frequently at night for any number of reasons (you try giving birth twice in your life and having said babies use your bladder as a punching bag in utero!)
- If you snore (my husband snores enough for the both of us!)

I have all of those but the last one. But don't most of us? Or have I forgotten what "normal" is?
Debt is definitely a four letter word to me. Well, I'll tell sleep as I told a particular, unwavering creditor, "you'll have to get in line behind everybody else!" So there!

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