Saturday, November 7, 2009

This Is Your Mind, This Is Your Mind on ms

I wonder what ever happened to those commercials with the fry pan and the raw egg to illustrate just what drugs do?

Here's another article from my Momentum magazine. It should be required reading as part of the ms fan club, in my opinion.

"Cognitive changes in ms are very different from those that appear in Alzheimer's. MS generally affects a few specific functions. Those functions include memory; complex attention; speed of information processing; planning and prioritizing; visual perceptual abilities; and word finding."

As I read, I was all, "check, check, check, check, check, and check!" What's great about it, however, is that these things are intermittent for me. The other great thing is that they never directly impact my children or the quality of my work. And, most times, those around me do not notice. Well I digress...I think my boss noticed that I was 10 minutes late for work today, but what she didn't realize was why. And, because she is pretty incredible, she never mentioned it. I think she knows that no one feels worse about falling short than I do. Speaking of falling short, I've shrunken again. Feeling like Lily Tomlin as Edith Ann in my oversized computer chair.

Occasionally, when I'm feeling generally overwhelmed, I can't get myself together to begin my day. I don't mean the usual outfit critique of, "I look fat in this, let's try again". I mean, "this sock is dark blue, isn't it? Wait, now these socks don't match. That first one WAS black. Ugh, I can't get this necklace clasped because of the tremor in my finger. Are these the brown shoes or the black ones? Close enough. Uh oh, these are two different shoes. Omg, I forgot to put deodorant on. Take the shirt off and do that. Ok that's done...but now I don't like that shirt. Wait, did I put deodorant under my right arm? Nope, shirt off again.

And there you have it, about 8 extra minutes. The other 2 minutes came from choosing the wrong way out of my driveway. Why did I turn left? I never turn left. Well, I do if I'm taking the kids to karate. Do I stop and turn around? No, just circle back. Run in the door at 8:40am with all my might. Don't make eye contact with anyone, just get in the room and start working. Ugh, it's already 9am, time to run back out to the next item on my itinerary. Run, Tina, ruuuuun!

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