Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My 2nd Post!

And I promise the next one won't be "my 3rd post"! Ok, maybe it will. I don't know yet...

This morning I woke up and found that my hearing in my left ear ain't what it was when I went to bed. Remember the old commercial, "is it live...or is it Memorex?" Well, in the same cheesy commercial voice, I play the, "is it structure (meaning did I sleep wrong and my neck is a hot mess?) or is it MS? Time will tell, but in the meanwhile, I'm giving thanks to God for giving us 2 ears. I've got one that's taking a vacation of sorts, but the other one showed up for work this morning!

Maybe this slight hearing loss isn't the worst thing, and let me explain. I'm an educational therapist and work with children who learn differently. This job is a bigger blessing to me than anyone can imagine! This week, the students are cohesively whining, however. Kind of like when you called your friend back in Jr High and asked what they were wearing the next day...I think the kids got together and decided this week is for whining. Today, I'll only hear them perfectly from my right ear. I'll do everything in my power to stand so that my left ear is closest. I can see it now as they ask, "why do you keep standing on that side of me?" You know, I'd whine if I were them. The thought of some crazy lady telling me to trace figure 8s on a chalkboard and firing math questions at me as fast as I answer the previous one, in addition to all the other wacky stuff I ask of those kids...well, I think they're good sports! If they only knew how much I loved each of them, and how my daily prayer for them is that they reach their full potential in Christ. Ok so that may not help them to stop whining. Sure, they might feel a little better about their sessions but...

Off to the best kind of meeting ever...a breakfast meeting! Have a blessed day, all!

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