Saturday, August 13, 2011

What I Did All Morning...

The answer to the question, "what did you do all morning?" is NOT:

  • laundering of clothes
  • mowing of lawn
  • washing of dishes

The answer IS:

  • drinking of coffee!
  • making of slideshow! 

This, after I was clearing pictures from my phone and, I certainly do have more than a few.  And wow, isn't God good?  So I said, "Self?  Let's put them to music and call it a slideshow!"  And myself said, "why yes!  Yes I shall!"  It's a beautiful reminder of just how blessed I am:-)

*Disclaimers (like those I've seen on other websites):  I don't own the song, but I did purchase it.  I don't own the clouds, the sun, the moon, the sky, or the water, but I do own the free phone that took the pictures.  I don't own the boats we rode in, but did rent them.  The kids who make intermittent cameo appearances?  Yeah, they belong to me:-)


Just a girl with MS said...

that's an excellent use of cell phone pics! It made my day

Nicole said...

I love making PowerPoint slides too . Oh, and I recently made a movie trailer on my Mac. that was awesome.