Friday, June 17, 2011

Deep Thoughts of Friday Morning. Counting Blessings :-)

Ah yes...Friday morning.  I sort of have a particular order of business each week that goes something like - get the coffee on, get the eggs scrambled, turn on the magical rectangular box of light (computer), log onto netbanking, configure the bills, pet the dogs, wake the kids, and attack the day.  But today, I slowed down a bit to do what I really should be doing each and every day.  Counting blessings:-) 

So here's my list du jour:

Friday morning...

  • A time to bank online - and give praise to the Lord for His provisions.
  • A time to drink of the Dunkin' Donuts coffee from a mug specially gifted to me by a dear friend - and to give praise to the Lord for surrounding me in love.
  • A time to mentally prepare for my 5th consecutive "5k a Day" walk - and give praise to the Lord for this week's level of function, as well as the makers of aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • A time to admit that I'd rather feel muscular pain than numbness or vibration - and give praise to the Lord for that, too:-)
  • A time to give thanks that I didn't fall face down on the road...yet...when vertigo has visited about halfway through my walks.  I suppose those silly field hockey relay races, when we'd put our foreheads on our sticks, run around them in circles, then attempt to run a straight line have come in handy after 20yrs.  Who knew I'd actually benefit from my uncanny ability to run a fairly straight line?  Oh well.  I'll just give praise to the Lord for that, too.  Can't go wrong!  Ha!

And now...I'm about to get all deep-like.

  • A time to notice the flicker of shine from my wedding ring - and give praise to the Lord for His patience and faithfulness.  'Cause it took us awhile to really "get it";-)
  • A time to call the man who placed that ring on my finger some 17yrs ago and thank him for his hard work, his love of our family, and his care for me.  (Note to self...attempting to communicate that at 1am results only in grunting and hand flicking.  Not everyone experiences difficulties getting to or maintaining sleep:-)
  • A time to peek in on those peacefully sleeping kids - and give praise to the Lord for all that they are.  And to pray my daily prayer, which is for the Lord's "hedge of protection" over them and for their good health. 
  • A time to give thanks for my parents, grandmother, and cousins - who love me unconditionally.
  • A time to pray over my friends - for their health and safety.
  • A time to pray over everyone living with chronic disease, that they might be comforted and strengthened on a daily basis.  And to know that they are loved deeply.

...and the biggest one of all...

  • A time to give thanks for another day of life :-)

So it seems as if I've drank of the coffee, configured the bills, and woke the kids by staring at them - earning them yet another future therapy copay.  I've counted some of my many blessings, I've prayed my prayers, and I've both pet and yelled at the dogs.  Hey, the basset ate my eggs.  It had to be!  Now, it's time to throw on my toe scuffed sneakers, pop an aspirin, and head out for a walk...and give thanks for another day of life:-)


Just a girl with MS said...

You are ridiculously inspirational and I love it!

Tina said...

Thanks so much! I seriously love your profile pic. It looks nearly identical to the one my daughter drew for me! I should go back to it. After all, I don't need to have my face there. I know what I look like...

Be well and God bless!


Just a girl with MS said...

Who knows, it could very well be the picture your daughter drew. It's just a random rainbow picture I googled :)