Thursday, April 23, 2015

When MS Sends You Home From Work...Unexpectedly

MS and I have a pretty good working relationship.  After all these years, it seems that we have an understanding.  And my working conditions are fabulously geared toward compromise.

For example, if ms decides my eyes shall not clearly distinguish the contrast of the font on my computer monitors, I can shut the lights off in my office, which allows me to read my screens with ease.  Well, aside from the black floaties in my right eye.  But still, I'm able to read.

If my hearing is buzzing in and out in my left ear, I can turn music on to overshadow the bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  If my hearing is ultra sensitive, which it usually is, I can turn music on to drown out the sudden noises that take place outside of my office, or knocks on my door.  If my brain is moving like a pinball that's just been shot out of the hatch, I can turn music on to distract it.  Bottom line?  Music is on.  And, since I'm in the room alone, it isn't an imposition to anyone else.  Win/win.

If I'm feeling stiff/sore from sitting too long, I can stand and type.  I have a window I can stretch in front of and stare up at the beautiful sky from.  God bless those who may be walking by as this is taking place.  I can also take a short break to go outside the building and walk around a bit.  That often helps to loosen my legs and refresh my brain.  Again, win/win.

If my feet are tingling and my shoes are strangling them, I can slip those shoes off and hide them under my desk for quick replacement in the event that someone needs to stop by to see me.

I have plenty of space to store my water, Pepsi, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc.

I work as quickly as my brain goes (200mph) and thoroughly enjoy being able to go at my own (ludicrous speed) pace.  Yes, that was a shameless Spaceballs reference.

And?  I have sick time.  Ya know, for when ms decides it shan't work with me.

Today is that day.

Folks needed to do some construction work in close proximity to my office.  The thumping and banging set into my feet.  More banging.  Thumping.  Bumping.  Then lots and lots of banging.  I was vibrating from feet to face.  More and more banging, bumping, thumping.  The vibrations morphed into the sensation of barbed wire, wrapping around my arms, legs, and feet, squeezing.


That ouch became a serious ouch, which became a concession.  It was time for?

(drum roll) 

Sick time.

Fast forwarding to laying as still as possible here at home...with a soft and fluffy kitty cat...who's kinda really good at knowing when I need her to be a nice kitty...the barbed wire is loosening a little...into a mix of sharpness and vibrations...instead of just squeezing stabbies...which, to me, means it's improving.

Today may have been your day, ms.  But?  Tomorrow shall be mine.  Because that's how we do.  We compromise like that ;)

Speaking of compromise, I sent a note to the cute guy with the fancy hat in that picture below to let him know I was on my way home for an ms sick day.  You see, he's the ultimate provider and protector.  And when he loves you?  Really, really loves you?  As he loves this family, and maybe like...2 other people?  He'll move mountains for you.  Tonight, he'll be moving the mountains of laundry baskets around.  Because if he doesn't, he won't have stuff to wear to work tomorrow.  And one of us has to make it through a full work week, right?

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Lucy De Jesus said...

Thank you for sharing... that was awesome to read, although not awesome for you to go thru. Love you Tina! May God continue to meet you right where you are.