Friday, March 26, 2010

When MS Comes To Work

There's really no choice to be had as to where ms will accompany me, but I'm usually pretty good at hiding it. That's the blessing of "invisible symptoms"! In fact, one of my favorite compliments is when folks say, "I'd have never known!" or "you're kidding! I never would've thought you had ms!"

So today, I tripped on an invisible thing on the floor today in front of a group of students, who then laughed at me. A few minutes later, I misjudged the door jam of my classroom and have a bruise on my arm as a parting gift. I also banged into one of my students, because I was making my way from one end of the room to the other as I was explaining a concept. I decided I could probably explain just as effectively while one spot. Later, I was standing in the doorway of the front office and noticed another teacher wanting to enter, so I moved backwards. I slammed into the $5.99 plastic shelf that holds supplies, making it go all "leaning tower of Pisa", and almost knocking everything on the floor. None of these occurrances were too much for me to recover from, however. Part of me laughed at ms. In fact, I was mocking it. "That all you got? MS, please!"

Today was Open House at school. In other words, prospective parents stop in throughout the day for tours of the campus. I work the front desk for 3 hours from the time classes end until the end of the business day. So it's about 5pm, I'm an hour from the weekend, I've had a Dunkin' Donuts caramel iced latte, I'm in a state of sheer euphoria, I've not done anything stupid in a few hours, I'm feelin' pretty sure about myself. In comes a prospective family. Psssht, piece o' cake!

They enter, I stand to properly and professionally greet them. They do their tour and return, wanting paperwork. HA! I know exactly where THAT is...over there in the file cabinet! MS, you lose again, 'cause I just remembered stuff! I stand up, seamlessly avoid tripping over the wires that are laying across the floor behind the desk, sashay my way to the file cabinet and...THUD!!!!!! STUPID SLIDING DESK THING THAT MY LAPTOP SITS ON! DIRECT HIT TO THE THIGH! IMMEDIATE AND INTENSE PAIN! It was nearly a "WOMAN DOWN!" situation. I buckled.

Ever hurt yourself while you're on the phone, like step on a metal toy or electrical cord plug? And you hold your breath or something so the person on the other end doesn't know? Yeah, that's what I was doing, except come on...they could SEE me! And how do I even pretend that didn't just happen? Because they SO just witnessed! I nearly moved the entire 800lb wooden desk with the force of impact! Times like this I think I should've joined the MS club that the magazine spoke of. THIS is why you need that membership card. I could have said, "wow, that was awkward! Don't be alarmed...I'm a member." :::flash orange card:::

After work, I stopped by our local dairy for some milk and dark chocolate buds. They're my ms medication. Antioxidants. Anyway, there's a sign on the counter about the Walk MS event. I strike up conversation with the cashier/owner and tell her I'm walking the event with a friend of mine. She says she's also walking, her sister has it. I say I do, too. She says, "you're kidding! I never would have guessed!" Awwww. My fave compliment:-) I thank her as I walk toward the door, feeling my thigh injury with every step. I tell her I'll look for her there and, as I'm smiling peacefully, I proceed to trip out the door. Wonder if she wanted to take back what she just said?

Habakkuk 3:19 "The Sovereign Lord is my strength! He will make me as surefooted as a deer and bring me safely over the mountains."

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