Monday, February 15, 2010

Why I Love Socks...

Aren't socks great? I mean, if you've never thought about it...just stop for a moment and reflect on the beauty of the sock.

Socks are great, because they are:

- unassuming! A sock will never expect to be a mandatory part of your wardrobe. They're okay with being bypassed all summer long while you carelessly enjoy frolicking barefoot or in sandals. They respect that.

- free spirits! They go in the wash, they come out...or not? It's all good to a sock.

- underrated! Many people don't consider the sock, but I do. In fact, it's one of the most thought provoking aspects of my wardrobe. Socks match the top...every time. It's just good planning, as well as a sign of high intelligence.

- usually on sale! 4 for $10? I think I will, thank you!

- filled with personality! Ever see some of the designs stitched on them? I found a pair on the rack at Dress Barn this weekend. Thick tan socks with stiletto shoes stitched on them. That's deep.

- a barometer! The perfect compliment to one's personality, perhaps even an indication thereof. Feeling blah? Go plain brown. Feeling spicy? Any sock w/stiletto shoes etched on them...because you can, that's why!

But my favorite thing about socks? I don't have to take them into a dressing room, strip down in front of the funhouse mirror - the one that adds 20lbs (that's what I tell myself) - to see if I look fat in those, or those, or those.

I have a friend, a very stylish and pretty friend, who has told me in the most loving of ways that I'd benefit from being on What Not To Wear. I don't disagree, as I'm sure it may do me good to ditch my 2x-too big sweatshirts, baggy jeans, and canvas Nikes with a hole worn in the toe for clothes that fit me. Throw my hole sneaks away? No way! No one's thrown me out and I've got holes in my head! True enough, I don't wear that ensemble to work each day, but it is a bit underachieving of me to have a main goal, each morning, after full physical inventory of function and pot 'o Dunkin', to make it out of the house in a matching outfit. Sometimes, just making it out of the house is a goal in and of itself.

Funny, said stylish/pretty friend and I joked about me going on the show again this morning over breakfast. Ya know, where I ate approximately 3lbs of fried potatoes in a sitting? Maybe it's really not the dressing room mirror afterall? Anyway, she said she could nominate me and that, hey, it's $5k toward a wardrobe! Mmmmmm...tempting, but even I couldn't find $5k worth of socks I liked THAT much!

Socks...the new black diamonds!

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