Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rockin' The Little Cart...

I went to the grocery store today. Yeah, I pretty much go every day, because there's always that one thing I forget...every day. My husband says, "take the list!", and I do...but then I forget it on my front seat. Clearly, going back to my car entails that 58 steps that I might need later in the day, so I go from memory. It's photographic, like a Polaroid! But kind of like one where the picture runs? So I get a few things and the rest are really just disappointing shades of red, green, and yellow...

My grocery store has 3 varieties of carts to choose from. There's the jumbo, the double decker compact, and the race car, which should have a giant orange flag on top so as to alert everyone in the store to the fact that THIS cart cannot steer and contains children who aren't content with regular carts. Ever notice they don't observe rule #1 of amusement park etiquette? Hands and feet inside the cart at all times? Just once, I'd like to take that cart for a trip around the store, sans children. Wonder if anyone would notice?

I always choose the double decker compact cart. It's got a zero turn ratio, is lightweight, sleek, stylish, and 100% ms friendly. I've found that I can fit everything into it that I can in the jumbo, but without the physical exhaustion of manhandling it through the store and away from race car carts with flailing child limbs. Some part of me wishes I could have audible theme music as I walked through the store with my little cart. I'm thinking either Frankie's "Double Dutch Bus" or Janet's "Control" or Prince's "Controversy", because that's what I cause with it. Anyway, another thing I've found is that no one else enjoys my game of "Indulge That Cart" quite like I do.

Today, I eclipsed my own record! I managed to fit an entire week's worth of groceries into my ms friendly Double Dutch Bus cart! How did I do it, you ask? I got in touch with my inner Tetris player. I had boxes this way and that, meat sideways, pizza longways...eggs on top! I had to leave the potato chips behind, because it doesn't count if I have to carry it. I got to the register, already a bit fatigued from the pressure of it all, and drew more odd stares than usual. It felt as if I placed items on the belt for hours straight! People behind me were sighing and shifting their stances. I think they were sighs of jealousy, but I can't be certain.

The cashier completed the sale and angry totalled me. Oh no, sister, you won't shake my groove. I said, as I signed my check, "I just totally rocked the little cart with a week's worth of groceries, first time ever". To which she said, "yeah, good job"...to which I said, through a laughing, ear to ear smile..."next week, I'm going to rock the basket, what then!?!"

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