Saturday, June 8, 2013


'Tis the time of year that we sit at end-of-the-school-year ceremonies and watch our kids magically transform from one grade to the next.

I'm pretty sure that - just yesterday - I dropped my daughter off at preschool and struggled mightily to carry my son in that ludicrously heavy carseat.  Alas, they're now heading full speed into the 10th and 8th grades, respectively.


As I watched them stand in front of the audience, my 200mph mind flew through the years.  I thought about holding them in the hospital, and cleaning the baby food off the wall (Mom was right, I let my daughter feed herself too early), and watching them board the bus for the 1st (and 2nd - 8th times), and all the medical stuff our son overcame, and all the awesome things they've accomplished, and how they're kinda getting old now but I'm so not...and then I began to think of the future and all the things I hope for them.  Like that they'll always have an awareness of God's loving presence, and that they'll be able to go to the college they want, and have careers they enjoy, and find a godly spouse who loves and treats them with respect, and be a godly spouse who does those things, and that they'll never have their hearts broken and never have so much as a cold and never have a credit card and never go into a bathroom stall that's out of toilet paper and never have someone upset them or take their parking space........

:::you see where I'm going, and you surely feel the speed of my thoughts:::


While June marks the end of a school year and realization that yet ANOTHER year has flown by, quickly following comes the recognition of the year my uninvited guest moved in.  14 years ago, this year.  Official dx, 10 years ago.

(CST, I don't know if you still happen across my blog posts from time to time?  But I'll always cherish the loving way in which you delivered that news.  You will always mean the world to me.) 

All this to isn't short.  It's fast!  And I praise God for every moment...

Could someone please stop this guy?  Seriously???

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